Donald at the Bat – Day 380, 381

Days 380, 381

Let’s think about the Nunes memo.  What’s he want to do?

Protect the President from Mueller.  That is clearly true.

So Nunes picked facts he was told would help him win his case

And got out first, with Donald’s help.  So is this a disgrace?


Not really; that is how most politicians operate.

Since most of them are lawyers, they are trained to advocate.

A lawyer’s job is either prosecution or defense.

It’s not dispassionate analysis of evidence.


And, if the “truth” emerges, one side will think that it lost.

In Donald’s case the “truth” will likely come at quite a cost.

He might not stay in office if he really did collude

With Russians, then obstructed Mueller.  That’s safe to conclude.


A scientist investigates to find the truth, not win.

Hypothesis, experiment, let all the data in.

Discard all the hypotheses that data don’t support.

For truth, that’s more reliable than verdicts reached in court.  


In law and politics we often hear a lot of lies.

And, since the main goal is to win, that should be no surprise.

For, to the victor go the spoils, in this case, wealth and power,

Historically considered sweet: by very few, as sour.


Republicans, in power, get to put out their case first.

Then Democrats rebut; both Schiff and Schumer have rehearsed

Their arguments about the case: like Trump, their goal to win.

And, if they do, then Mitch McConnell can obstruct again.


And so, we have our current case.  Was it by hooks and crooks,

That Donald was elected?  Has he also cooked his books?

The quest for wealth and power is his life philosophy,

As well as getting laid; there’s little room for honesty.