Donald at the Bat – Day 379

Day 379

As more and more comes out each day about the “Russia Thing,”

And what we’ll call the “Nunes stunt,” to pump up Trump’s right wing,

Astonished, we all watch as Trump attacks the FBI,

An act of desperation.  Does he sense his end is nigh?


Both DOJ and FBI, the lawyers and the spies,

Have called the Nunes memo so misleading that it lies.

Releasing it may hinder catching folks like Manafort.

Which may be just what Trump intends, lest he winds up in court.


It’s 10 AM, Pacific Standard Time, and Trump announced

That he’ll release the Nunes stunt; objections have just bounced

Off what is called his teflon coat and eyes and ears and brain.

Trump trusts his judgement and his gut, though circling the drain.


Remember though, that everyone’s gut is half full of shit,

That turns the finest cooking into sewage, bit by bit.

And Donald’s gut starts out with ground beef and Velveeta cheese.

It’s not an instrument that does complex analyses.


So Devin, risking ridicule, plus Trump, in arrogance,

Are sending out a document, they both hope will advance

The Donald’s stance against Bob Mueller and the “Russia Thing,”

A bleak, atonal melody, the Right and Fox will sing.


And though the right wing sings along, the memo doesn’t say

That FISA warrants were inaccurate in any way.

So, basically the right wing argument is: we object

To findings from a liberal source, though they may be correct.


Ironically, the Nunes “memo” falsifies its case,

Which is: Steele’s “Dossier” had caused the FBI to chase

Poor Carter Page.  The “memo” says that Papadopoulos,

When in his cups in London, had become way too verbose.


He told Australian agents then that Russian folks had been

Manipulating our elections. And, they’d gotten in

The Trump campaign.  And George had spilled all these beans way before

The “Dossier” was used, which cuts the “memo” to the core.


The agent for the Aussies then called up our FBI

To tell what he had heard from this inebriated guy,

About the Russians and their guy within the Trump campaign.

That started Carter’s problems, not the “Dossier;” it’s plain.


As pundits argue, Congressman Trey Gowdy said it all.

He’s read the FISA warrants, unlike Nunes, that scuzzball.

He said there’s nothing in the warrants that would compromise

Bob Mueller or Rod Rosenstein.  Republicans, get wise.