Donald at the Bat – Day 378

Day 378

“The Nunes Memo threatens national security,”

So say the DOJ and FBI emphatically.

“Besides it is inaccurate; some “facts” it cites are wrong.

“And we’d be derelict in duty if we went along.”

The speculation is that Trump would fire Rod Rosenstein.

When he’s replaced by a good Trumpist, all will turn out fine.

So, Paul condones as Devin helps the Donald interfere

With law and justice.  (Hear the right wing and the Russians cheer.)

It is unprecedented for the President to fight

So openly with DOJ and FBI, a fright.

When Nixon tried to fire his special counsel, he was out.

Trump did not learn this lesson.  Does he think he has more clout?

With Nunes as a White House stooge and Ryan’s spinelessness,

Obstruction of the justice system, done without finesse,

Is being “normalized” by Trump.  Right wingers do not care.

They’re hypocrites whose “law and order” stance is now stripped bare.

The issue in the Nunes memo: Carter Page was tapped.

A FISA warrant authorized it and was never scrapped.

It was reauthorized for years before the “dossier.”

The “dossier” confirmed some findings, much to Trump’s dismay.


When Rosenstein was asked if he would please reauthorize

Applying for the warrant, it was hardly a surprise

That Rosenstein signed off because of all that was resolved

Before Steele’s dossier or Rosenstein became involved.

Now Nunes doesn’t seem to fear that he has been found out

Creating a false narrative designed to foster doubt

In Rosenstein and Mueller, to give Donald an excuse,

Eventually to fire them both, and end “unfair” abuse.

For this misleading memo might buy Donald Trump some time

To further slow investigations of his campaign’s slime.

Just buy some time; just buy some time. Who knows what might occur.

(What happened to Dick Nixon might eventually recur.)


Inaccurate, security, unethical: pick one,

Or all as reasons to fire Nunes.  That’s what should be done.

No merit to this memo Trump will use as an attempt

To help obstruct the justice which he holds in such contempt.

Perhaps the greatest irony raised by the Nunes flap

Is how Republicans had treated Clinton with their crap

About mishandling classified stuff in all her emails,

Which Nunes is now doing.  The comparison just fails.