Donald at the Bat – Day 377

Day 377

Reviews of Donald’s speech last night are what you might expect.

He made misleading claims although some numbers were correct.

Let’s take the lowest ever Negro unemployment rate.

That’s true and laudable.  Today it stands at 6.8.


Nine years ago, Obama took the reins of government.

Black unemployment then was almost seventeen per cent.

In his two terms it more than halved, went down to under eight.

With Trump, it’s down another point, his cause to celebrate.


That’s progress and we should feel good, though something’s still not right.

The unemployment rate for blacks is twice that of the white.

So is Trump riding the recovery Obama caused?

Well, maybe yes, but note that the recovery has not paused.


Trump’s views on immigration rankled liberals the most.

‘Til now, we’ve always stood for mercy, acting as a host

For people of all walks of life, who seek protection here

From prejudice and danger.  Now that isn’t what we hear.


The Nunes Memo

The FBI is angry at what Devin Nunes wrote.

So they oppose release for several reasons but of note

They say that it might threaten national security

And several points are wrong.  That’s not a minor nicety.


So Nunes wrote, though did not read through all the evidence.

And Trump, who hasn’t read it, said, with total confidence,

That he’d release the memo (since he thinks it’s good for him.)

When Trump fires Mueller, he can cite a reason, not a whim.


Was Nunes working with the White House from the very start?

Was his intention all along to warm the Donald’s heart?

If so, the fact he got facts wrong won’t bother Trump at all.

For, if some errors are exposed, then Nunes takes the fall.


The Donald has met Putin several times, the Russians say

And yesterday, three Russian spy chiefs were at CIA.

(Supposed to be a secret, but the Russians spilled the beans.)

So, how do Russian media learn more than our press gleans?


Should we be worried that the President keeps such close ties

With Putin as our CIA does with top Russian spies?

The Congress voted very clearly, “Put new sanctions on

“The Russians for their interference.” Trump won’t.  Putin’s pawn?


A final bit of humor has emerged from CDC.

The Chair, Brenda Fitzgerald, just resigned.  She cynically

Had just acquired tobacco stocks.  (Her job was to curtail

Tobacco use, yet there she was, engaging in its sale.)