Donald at the Bat – Day 376

Day 376

The FBI, McCabe, stock market, Russians, all today

Are in the news as we await what Donald has to say.

Will he be Presidential?  Yes, but only in the sense

That he’s the President until he’s gone.  Does that mean Pence?


The White House will review the Nunes memo in “due course,”

Where Nunes says the “Dossier” had been used as a source

For FISA warrants so that we could spy on Carter Page,

And learn that he was working with the Russians, an outrage.


More interesting is what the right wing thinks is wrong, this time.

A Russian stooge or finding out, are both of these a crime?

One’s spying, one’s surveillance, why we have an FBI.

And everybody knows that Carter Page was Donald’s guy.


And everyone means everyone, the whole transition group.

That’s Kushner, Pence and Sessions, all of them are in the soup.

The Donald’s claiming ignorance.  (In general, that is so.)

But it is looking more and more like Donald had to know.


Rod Rosenstein and Chris Wray, DOJ and FBI,

Went to the White House Chief of Staff to try to justify

Their case against releasing Nunes’ memo to the Press,

Some information in it, classified.  But I digress.


Republicans now side with Russia, not the FBI,

Protecting Donald’s business interests, what does that imply?

Does anyone remember when Republicans all stood

Against the Russians and dictators?  Now these guys are good?


If Ryan were a vertebrate, he’d show he had concern

For national security and what we do to learn

Who’s spying, how they do it and then how we should react.

But Ryan’s rolling over.  That’s his posture when attacked.


The State of the Union

The Donald’s speech was very long and laden with self-praise.

Economy and tax cuts, infrastructure; but now raise

The money for the trillions that such public works require,

Without a tax to pay for them, they’ll stay stuck in the mire.


Give me your rich, your PhDs, your English speakers, whites,

Not tired and poor and huddled, those whom Liberty invites.

It’s immigration, merit based, and not as in the past,

Has Donald Trump considered, folks like him will be outclassed?


And, is it guns or immigrants that are a cause to fret?

Do MS 13 or bump stocks create a bigger threat?

First generation immigrants: a very low crime rate,

But 30,000 lives a year are what guns confiscate.


And nothing about Russia, nor the sanctions Congress passed.

Trump just left out the interference.  Patriots, aghast

Are wondering will he do anything to stop the “bots”

That come from Moscow.  Should we ask, does Trump condone their plots?


Joe Kennedy, grandson of Bobby, gave the Dem’s response.

He spoke to a big trade school group and spoke without nuance.

America means everyone, not either you or me.

E pluribus, from many, one: no one our enemy.


From many, one: in God we trust: must it be either or?

Must left pick people, right pick God?  Must both sides be hard core?

The Bible says we’re family and scientists agree.

All people on this Earth are cousins: one big family.