Donald at the Bat – Day 375

Day 375

As everyone awaits The Speech, we wonder what he’ll say.

Stock market’s up from tax cuts; give Trump credit, by the way.

And right wing judges, all of whom will be abortion foes.

The Senate soon will vote to bring this practice to a close.


Abortion is a thorny issue.  Right wing Christians feel

That God created embryos; we have no right to steal

A life that was created by God’s holy agency,

Though unintended and unwanted, dangerous pregnancy.


The Bible doesn’t use the word, “abortion” anywhere.

The Jews, the ones who wrote the Book, interpreting with care,

Permit abortion when the mother’s life is under threat.

The fetus is a body part, not independent yet.


In Jewish law, a baby’s life begins at its first breath.

And similarly, one’s last breath will signify one’s death.

That life begins right at conception, came from ancient Greece,

And is, in no way Biblical, but arguments won’t cease.  


In Congress

Today, Andrew McCabe, the number two at FBI

Decided that he’d had enough.  It’s time to say, “Goodbye.”

With lots of pressure from the President and right wing base,

Because he wasn’t loyal, McCabe’s exiting the place.


The Devin Nunes staff produced a memo, saying that

Bob Mueller and the FBI should both be shut down flat.

Republicans are up in arms; the liberals say, “Hold on,

“It’s innuendo, cherry picking, and way overdrawn.”


So after this report’s released (or leaked) we all can see

What Nunes thinks is evidence or, if it’s peccancy.

The Press will have to sort it out.  Bet on the FBI

And Mueller to survive intact.  Don’t sing their lullaby.


The President does not want independence under him.

So, DOJ and FBI and Mueller, all of them

Have been attacked by Donald and his minions on the right,

A Presidential act that reeks of autocratic blight.


3:00 PM, PST

The Nunes memo is released; minority’s is not.

So right and left can slug it out, to see if Trump was bought,

To force collusion with the Russians.  Then, will Congress act

To shore up our election process, next time we’re attacked?


So far, Republicans all seem that they don’t care a fig

About the Russian interference, Putin’s plan to rig

Our election for the Donald to beat Hillary.

Do they think it’s OK to say, “They didn’t aim at me?”