Donald at the Bat – Day 374

Day 374

It’s been a year.  Time for Trump’s State of the Union address,

To tell us what he’s “fixed” since he “inherited a mess.”

The White House says he’ll speak of unity.  That’s no mean feat.

He’s fought with everybody but our home-grown, rich elite.


Perhaps of equal interest is the marriage of the Trumps.

The Stormy story gave Melania some lumps and bumps.

She did not go to Davos, as one might have thought she would.

They spent their thirteenth anniversary apart: not good.


It’s got to be humiliating, to put up with Trump.

Melania moved to a hotel; that’s a major slump

In any marriage, plus the knowledge, that there’s likely more,

As Donald’s infidelities are mined by our press corps.


At least the Donald is accomplishing his major goal,

To dominate the news each day.  That goal is Donald’s soul.

You’d think Melania just had to know the man she wed.

Does she think she’s been paid enough to share the Donald’s bed?