Donald at the Bat – Day 372

Day 372

The Trump attempt to fire Bob Mueller and Davos compete

To be the front page headline because both of them bring heat

To Trump’s position here at home and everywhere abroad.

How long will Donald Trump remain the world Press lightning rod?


Trump called the story of attempted firing just “fake news.”

It’s very well resourced, confirmed, and it just might amuse

Bob Mueller, for it’s one more nail in his obstruction case.

Denial is another lie Trump, under oath, will face.


At Davos, Donald gave a speech to throw the world a bone.

“Our country first” does not mean that we want to stand alone.

He wants to renegotiate all of the deals we’ve made.

For Donald says they are not fair.  (We have to win on trade.)


Trade deficits with Mexico and China make Trump groan.

But, once again, this does not mean we want to stand alone.

Though we just might if other countries think that we’re a pain.

If Donald will not keep a deal, then what have they to gain?


And, after Trump’s address, he answered questions from World Press.

Once more, he said that they’re unfair and we don’t have to guess

What their reaction was, for you could hear them hiss and boo.

So, Donald won no friends in Davos, not a great debut.


Back Home Again

So what will be the fallout of Trump’s order to fire Bob?

If he has tried it once before, might he redial the knob?

For months the White House has denied that this was on Trump’s mind.

But now we know it always was, so what more will we find?


We hear that this was widely known, for several sources said

Trump really tried to do it, so the subject isn’t dead.

Now, with his base conditioned to distrust the FBI,

And by extension, Mueller, might Trump give it one more try?


As Trump says, “Well, let’s see what happens,”  Will Trump interview

With Mueller, as he said he would?  And what will Donald do

When asked about the lies he’s told and money he might owe

To Russia, or about collusion, or that video?


Since everyone but Trump admits the Russians interfered

With our election, Trump’s denials tell us Donald feared

We would find out Trump’s campaign worked with Russians, hand in glove,

And likely due to blackmail and Trump’s guidance from above.