Donald at the Bat – Day 371

Day 371

The Donald Trump show has blown into Davos, Switzerland.

The crowds are thick; phone cameras click; celebrity is grand.

The Donald sees the crowd reaction, thinks it’s positive.

(Protesters aren’t allowed so it can not be negative.)


The TV showed some photo ops that differed quite a bit.

To Bibi Netanyahu, Donald Trump is quite a hit.

Theresa May was cool and calm throughout; she stayed polite.

She’s very British, as you know.  To fight is just not right.


The Davos get-together is a meeting on world trade.

No one but Donald likes the moves that he’s already made.

When he pulled out of TPP, ten countries went, “Boo hoo,”

Then signed a new agreement saying, “Donald, who needs you?”


This trip to Davos is the first where Donald may parler.

They wouldn’t let him in before; now they must let him play.

He’ll push our country first.  He’s risking we will get left out.

That happens when you think that trade is like a boxing bout.


Though poker is a zero sum game, worldwide trade is not.

In poker there’s a winner and a loser in each pot.

In trade agreements, it is possible for all to win.

You do not have to beat someone and cheating is a sin.


So Donald gave an interview.  Now, he might want back in.

When TPP continued, did Trump view it with chagrin?

He wants us first but what if it turns out we’re left alone?

Would that result be something that the President will own?


Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

As Trump attacks the FBI, one major target is

Andrew McCabe, the Deputy Director and now his

Wife, who is a Democrat, the DNC has helped

When she ran for the Legislature.  Naturally, Trump yelped.


The President has asked McCabe, for whom did Andrew vote

And Andrew said he didn’t vote, so Trump will now devote

His energy and ire because of lack of loyalty

Of one more in the FBI, like Comey’s enmity.


So Trump and Sessions tried to pressure Trump’s Director, Wray

To fire McCabe but Wray told both of them, “No way, Jose.”

Chris Wray told Jeff he would resign, not fire his Deputy.

For now, that’s where the matter stands.  There is no subtlety.


The Nunes memo that’s based on an FBI affair,

Two agents writing emails they thought private, to be fair,

Interpreted as sinister (the two did not like Trump,)

And said to prove conspiracy, kicked Nunes in the rump.


It seems that the conspiracy turned out to be a joke,

The agents making fun of Trump supporters, blowing smoke.

So will this new distraction go away?  Will it take long?

Trump loyalists are frantic.  They might need to smoke a bong.


The Russia Thing

We’ve learned that Trump had ordered Mueller to be fired last June.

His lawyer told him he would quit, for Trump was not immune

To charges of obstructing justice; that’s impeachable.

So Trump backed down, which shows that he is somewhat teachable.


Since Trump had just fired Comey, there’s a pattern of abuse,

A firing and attempted firing are not so abstruse

That one can’t see obstruction as a motive for these acts.

Bob Mueller will just stack it on his pile of damning facts.