Donald at the Bat – Day 370

Day 370

Discussion on the news today: “Should Donald Trump agree

“To talk to Robert Mueller, where he might risk perjury?”

Especially given all the folks already interviewed,

Bob Mueller may already know the emperor is nude.


But Trump has been deposed before, about a thousand times,

For cheating on his contracts, not for major federal crimes.

The stakes are much, much higher now: impeachment, maybe jail.

Will Donald lie and risk all that, the price if he should fail?


Or maybe he could take the Fifth.  That would be scandalous.  

Though that’s his right, it would imply that Trump was villainous.

So Trump is in deep doo doo, truth or lies, an equal risk.

Trump’s lawyers don’t want Bob to have a chance to stop and frisk.


Trump’s evangelical support remains a mystery

Because Trump’s words and actions simply make a mockery

Of every Christian principle that’s written in The Book.

So, here’s a little song to sing to take a closer look.


Onward, Evangelicals  (Tune, Onward, Christian Soldiers)

Onward, Evangelicals, let’s give Trump a pass,

Although he keeps getting extra-wedlock ass.

He deserves some Mulligans, playing our golf course,

Even though he keeps on buying sexual intercourse.

Donald Trump’s sex life will leave us no Virginians.

But we’ll still forgive like two Corinthians.

Jerry Falwell, Junior says he’ll stick with Trump.

Franklin Graham says don’t toss him on the dump.

Trump gave us Neil Gorsuch, who will flip Roe v Wade.

Though he doesn’t keep his promises, that’s one he made.

That’s why we’re all standing here behind Trump still today.

And we’ll stay behind him, though we don’t think he’s gay.

Onward, Evangelicals, though Trump cheats and lies

And colludes with Russians, mercy still applies.

He has cut our taxes.  Government won’t feed

Those who hunger, for the gospel should be all they need.

Ignorant, profane, and racist, crass aristocrat.

At least Trump is not a liberal Democrat.


School Days

On Monday, a school shooting in Kentucky killed two more.

Just this year there have been eleven, which we all deplore.

School shootings every other day but, “now is not the time,”

To start discussing gun control.  But, isn’t that the crime?


We simply will not do effective things controlling guns.

We’ve background checks (but not gun shows;) resistance there just stuns.

We pay an awful price, some 30,000 deaths a year.

We’re first place in the world, so should we all stand up and cheer?


Now Trump and some Republicans impugn the FBI.

It’s basically their right wing nuts who seek to crucify

Bob Mueller and the agency.  A memo Nunes wrote

And will not show the agency, he says will sink Bob’s boat.


Is this attack beginning “Trump’s last stand?”  He and his men

Now realize they are surrounded.  What does one do then?

You fire a desperate volley, hoping you might hit someone.

For, if you don’t, you might as well admit that you are done.