Donald at the Bat – Day 369

Day 369

The government’s back open, so let’s all recriminate.

Progressives ask Charles Shumer, why did he capitulate

To Mitch, whose words, like leaves in wind, are here and then they’re gone

And are not worth the paper that they are not written on.


McConnell made a legalistic promise DACA would

Be taken up and that is fine, if Mitch’s word were good.

But everybody knows it’s not.  The question still remains,

Why give up DACA in a deal where Mitch McConnell gains?


The deal is pretty short.  It lasts ‘til February 8.

Which means that both the Ds and Rs must renegotiate

The budget, border, immigration.  Nothing’s settled yet.

And, will this all be done by then?  That is a longshot bet.


We just heard that Jeff Sessions spoke to Mueller quite a while.

No leaks about the subjects but that can’t make Donald smile.

Jeff knows about the Comey firing and transition stuff.

We also think he lied to Congress.  Mueller will be tough.


We also know that Comey gave his notes to Bob to read.

When Trump asked him, “Go easy on Flynn,” was it to impede

Investigation of the Russian meddling in ‘16?

Most everybody thinks so now and Jeff was on the scene.


As anal sphincters loosen and as undershorts are stained,

We’ll see if Sessions’ memories are magically regained.

When Congress asked him questions he said he could not recall.

We’ll see if he tries that with Bob or if he spills it all.


So Jeff could be a target and fact witness.  That’s just swell.

To be in such a pickle has to make him feel unwell.

Since Trump already pissed on him, if Bob does, Jeff may drown.

Perhaps he’ll make a deal with Bob, then give him the lowdown.


And now we’ve learned that Mueller wants to talk to Trump about

The firings of both Flynn and Comey.  Is there a way out?

We’ve heard Trump wants to send in written answers, not appear

But lawyers know that body language helps to make things clear.


Back in the Oval Office, Trump has signed a new decree.

Now solar panels made in China will cost you and me

Almost a third more than before.  Trump says the Chinese dump

Cheap panels in our market but now will our market slump?


Some twenty thousand jobs installing panels may be lost.

Will our producers make more now and how much will they cost?

Will we now burn more coal and gas for electricity?

Is part of this to help the fossil fuel industry?


Trump says our manufacturer’s stocks now will start to rise.

But will consumers buy their products?  Might they temporize?

If prices are too high does that mean layoffs will begin

When all effects of Donald’s actions finally kick in?