Donald at the Bat – Day 368

Day 368, Morning

It’s finger-pointing, blame game time.  When will we have a deal?

The government is still shut down because both parties feel

That, if they shade their words just right, then public sentiment

Will fall to their side so that they can win the argument.


Both parties say that they support the bill that’s on the floor.

And both support a DACA deal, so what’s the fighting for?

It’s mostly due to Donald Trump.  When he negotiates,

He does not keep his word, so every deal evaporates.


Of course, we’ve known all this before.  Now Trump’s dishonesty

Will energize his bigot base, who make a travesty

Of each proposal that would give the DACA kids a break.

White bigots can’t accept a land where brown folks have a stake.


Then finally, well-meaning Senators, both R and D,

All met together for a talk, so now both sides agree.

McConnell sort of promised to take up a DACA bill.

And Shumer said that’s good enough, and downed the bitter pill.



They realized that Donald was no use to anyone.

They worked it out among themselves, and that got something done.

The government is open now.  Will things improve?  Who knows?

At least the Senators are talking.  That’s good, I suppose.


The House passed what the Senate passed.  At least for three more weeks

The government will function and reporters get their leaks

About who’s trying to obstruct probes of the Russian thing

And which of Trump’s campaign insiders is about to sing.


And, what did Donald do while Congress took this on alone?

The White House said, “He’s working,” and showed Donald on the phone,

His desk completely empty, golfing cap upon his head,

The staging unconvincing; Trump watched Fox and stayed in bed.