Donald at the Bat – Day 367

Day 367

The Trump one year review centers on his moral stench

—And contrast with Obama’s definition of a mensch—– (1)

And those of us who tolerate his immorality,

For that’s what happens in a cult of personality.


You’re not supposed to lie and cheat, rent ladies of the night,

And take the side of racist bigots.  That just isn’t right.

Is it OK as long as you remain Republican?

Is it much worse, by definition, if you’re Mexican?


We know that we can’t trust a man who will not keep his word.

And even when he does—the Wall—the problem is absurd.

It was a Wall, now mostly fence, with gaps Trump won’t deny.

We taxpayers must pay for it, so oops, another lie.


The Wall has made Republicans reveal an ugly side.

Their bigotry, once constipated, loosened, flowed outside.

Their TV ad opposing DACA brings up race and crime,

An innuendo on the kids, bound to come out some time.


We tell ourselves, “We’re better than this.”  Is that really so?

It’s true that some of us are better.  Many aren’t, we know.

For bigotry, like gangrene, needs a surgeon, leaves a scar.

Until we cut it out, we must say,  “This is who we are.”


The football championships, the NFC and AFC,

Are on TV today, a contrast for us all to see.

Their players, highly competent, the best at what they do.

Our Congress, on the other hand, works like it’s stuck in glue.


In sports like football, you can’t make it if you don’t produce.

Some businessmen like Trump, we know, get by with fast and loose.

A lot of politicians also practice to deceive.

But reckoning will come and to deny it, is naive.


In football, here’s the reckoning: encephalopathy.

And for the player and this price we have some sympathy.

But politicians may just lose, or prison bars may loom.

How many Congressmen today are heading for such doom?


Trump’s base cares not for honesty.  The rich got their tax cut;

There’s Gorsuch and support for bigots, press kicked in the butt.

Our economic indicators are all good; that’s true.

Has Donald changed the game and won?  Blame falls to me and you.


But Trump may face a reckoning: not voters at the polls,

But Robert Mueller and his team and glowing hellfire coals.

They’re looking at the “Russian thing,” collusion, bribery,

Cooperating with the Russians, campaign treachery.


So, “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over,” Yogi Berra said.

The Donald’s lack of honesty may spell bad times ahead.

If he’s in hoc to Putin and Bob Mueller proves it’s so—

Then even right wing “Christian” bigots may tell Donald, “Go.”



  • Mensch, German, a human being.  In Yiddish, the connotation is a warm, good person.