Donald at the Bat – Day 366

Day 366

The government is shut down.  “Pussy hats” are out in force—

The anniversary of Trump’s small inaugural, of course—

Congressional pissing contest.  Trump won’t negotiate.

(A bunch of folks with whom no one wants to associate.)


So, “Pussy hats,” back on the streets and they are everywhere.

It’s not just women; lots of men and children, to be fair.

All races and religions, gay and straight and in-between.

Their energy still high, reminding one of last year’s scene.


Poor Donald could not go to Mar a Lago for his feast.

He’s still stuck in the White House but the dancing hasn’t ceased.

There’s Eric and Don Junior.  You can hang out with the boys.

Though, balanced with the Donald, they are not an equipoise.


We know Trump is incompetent, but is the Congress, too?

McConnell was obstructive, true.  But now, what can he do?

It doesn’t seem that he can lead.  He’s only good at blame.

But we know we need more than that.  The voters changed the game.


The gridlock in Obama’s days disgusted everyone.

Republicans all just said, “No!,” ate popcorn; it was fun.

But now they have to lead and they just cannot unify.

It doesn’t help that Donald is an untrustworthy guy.


Incompetence and xenophobia have us hogtied.

The smell that comes from Congress is like hydrogen sulfide.

The last real fight with bigots cost six hundred thousand lives.

And rational observers are all breaking out in hives.


What can we do to fix this?  We cannot just demonstrate.

The Congress must turn over: what if women dominate?

Are men just too aggressive, leaders just too prone to fight?

Should we urge them to fold their tents and steal into the night?