Donald at the Bat – 365, One Whole Year In Office

Day 365, One Whole Year in Office

The government may yet shut down.  The Senate has to act

On what the House just passed.  But, so far, liberals have not cracked.

For, they want DACA in the bill.  Republicans say, “No.”

And Shumer told both Mitch and Trump, in general, where to go.


A CR without DACA, kicks an old can down the road.

Republicans want DACA kept in its suspension mode.

They don’t want more brown voters: picking fruit, “yes,” voting, “no.”

Cheap labor’s fine but citizens?  Republicans say, “Whoa!”


So, will they leave the lights and water on, or turn them off?

And, if they do will Donald Trump still head south to play golf?

And will he host his one year gala as Steve Wynn has planned

At Mar a Lago?  Couples tickets cost one hundred grand.


The country club set’s doing fine, the poor still in a bind.

The rich care little for the poor while they get wined and dined.

And, who will keep the ticket dough?  A hundred grand is steep.

The rich got their tax cut but, in the end, it’s Trump’s to keep.


A source of greatest puzzlement is Trump’s porn star affair

And why Republicans all treat it like there’s nothing there.

We know if this had been Obama, anyone at all,

Then, all the way to Moscow, you could hear them caterwaul.


To pay off ladies of the night—morality has failed.

And, if there’s one, there’s more of them, so Trump might get blackmailed.

Porn stars are ladies here at home.  What of the Muscovites

With whom Trump may have passed some time on lonely Russian nights?


So right wing, Christian silence makes the liberals shake their heads.

Morality, security: transgressions the right dreads.

If Democrats would run a Muslim, Jew, or atheist

For President, then you could bet the right wing would be pissed.


Is it abortion?  Maybe so.  Today Trump told a crowd

Of pro life marchers he was with them.  Their applause was loud.

Then Mike Pence got up, like he does, to sing the Donald’s praise

For his stand on the sanctity of life, for which Trump prays.


Well, maybe that’s a bit too much, for Trump has been pro choice.

But when he needed “Christian” votes, he changed and gave full voice,

To pro life words, because we know he really doesn’t care

A fig about this issue, unless pro Trump votes are there.


We’ve always known that Donald didn’t really care a lot

If embryos are fully human yet or maybe not.

So, he tells “Christians” what they want to hear on embryos.

And they still back him even though each one must hold his nose.


The end of the last day of Trump’s first year was the collapse

Of government because the Senate could not fill the gaps

Between Trump’s words and actions, so they could not make a deal.

Republicans are leaderless.  To whom can we appeal?


So when the captain of the ship does not know how to sail,

It’s not a big surprise the captain’s maiden voyage would fail.

The self-proclaimed deal maker has shown time and time again

He isn’t very good at this.  He lacks the discipline.