Donald at the Bat – Day 364

Day 364

Professors disagree with what Doc Jackson had to say

About Trump’s health examination.  His numbers say he may

Be at high risk for heart attack, no exercise and fat.

And everybody knows you cannot get away with that.


His LDLs are way too high, so they must be reduced.

So give up bedtime Big Macs and give exercise a boost.

And eighteen holes of golf in golf carts is not exercise,

As you can tell from looking at his belly, ass, and thighs.


Trump isn’t really 6’ 3,” so he really is obese.

And that increases risk that someone’s heartbeat may soon cease.

So, age and gender, corpulence, and lipid profile, all

Say that the old Grim Reaper might decide to make a call.


The budget/DACA wrangling has still not been resolved:

A legislative game of chicken.  We are all involved.

It’s possible a short CR could make it through the House

But through the Senate?  There’s the rub.  And Trump has been a louse.


He seems to change positions daily, which has blown up deals.

Agree, then disagree—To whom does Trump think this appeals?

Then Kelly called him “uninformed.”  That’s true, without a doubt.

But Donald is offended.  Will he throw John Kelly out?


Our Congress can’t make deals with Trump they know that he won’t keep.

They never know what he will tweet after a good night’s sleep.

So will we get a Wall and DACA done in the same bill?

Unlikely, and it sure would help if Donald Trump would chill.