Donald at the Bat – Day 363

Day 363

The Department of Interior administers our parks

And they’re in crisis mode today because this morning marks

The resignation of the members of our country’s board

Advising Zinke on our parks.  They say he left them bored.


The regulations say to meet at least two times a year

But Zinke did not meet them once.  It’s like he did not hear

Or read entreaties from the board about when they should meet.

He’s left them in the “shithouse.”  Now they must admit defeat.


For Donald Trump and Zinke, parklands cover fossil fuels.

Though motives may be stinky, both of them now have the tools

To lease parklands for drilling, something they don’t try to hide.

And Zinke knew that’s something that his board would not abide.


But Zinke did not ask them.  Somewhere in a private plane,

Inspecting lands to drill, environmentalists his bane,

The secretary plans the use of parks to drill and mine,

Ignoring non-polluting energy: the bright sunshine.


Trump’s doing something quite unusual (maybe not for him:)

Denying sex with rented ladies, not cash paid to them.

If he did not have sex with Stormy, why then pay her off?

Won’t this invite more sex “contractors” to the money trough?


With friends like Fox, however, Donald Trump has skated by.

Fox knew back in October, 16, Stormy screwed the guy.

Yet Fox News killed the story ‘til Trump paid her settlement.

That’s pretty much how one more Trump sex scandal came and went.


Today’s the day, again, for the “Fake News Awards” from Trump.

The Press asked Sanders, “Where are they?”  And, swallowing a lump,

She said they’d be out later.  Now, quitting time has passed

Trump’s eating a cheeseburger, hoping interest won’t last.


John Kelly has been quoted saying Trump was “uninformed,”

On immigration and the Wall when Donald’s thoughts first formed.

So, he made promises he cannot keep.  What’s new with that?

We’ll see if Trump and Kelly, in the morning, have a spat.


And Cory Lewandowski went to House Intel today.

He said he’d answer all their questions, any, come what may.

But he pulled a Steve Bannon and he would not tell us why

To answer “every” question really meant “none.” Who will pry?