Donald at the Bat – Day 362

Day 362

The birthday celebration of the general, Bobby Lee,

Third week in January, quite coincidentally.

Confederates combine his day with Martin Luther King’s.

Ironic, since they celebrate two very different things.


For Lee fought in rebellion for preserving slavery.

King fought to raise  the former slaves up to equality.

Six hundred thousand died to test: should slavery survive?

A bigot murdered King.  Today both legacies–alive.


Now Donald is back at it, blaming “Dickie” Durbin, who

Trump says has blown a DACA deal.  Just what did Dickie do?

Reported just what Donald said on Africa and blacks,

The “shithole” comment, typical of one of Trump’s attacks.


So, will we have a budget and a DACA deal or not?

We know who doesn’t want the deal; it’s Donald, who is hot.

Since, once more he was caught revealing what a jerk he is.

Just one more piece of data: so take notes; there’ll be a quiz.


The problem with the DACA kids is: they are mostly brown.

They go to school and work and yet conservatives still frown

On giving all these kids a break.  What if these kids were white?

Smart money would bet on this side: we would not have this fight.


Today Steve Bannon testifies to House Intelligence,

A funny name applied to Congress.  Little evidence

Supports the appellation.  They are trying to obstruct

Investigations of Trump’s campaign: who and what was sucked.


Then Bannon was obstructive and refused to testify.

He was subpoenaed on the spot but that too failed to fly.

Surprisingly, Republicans took umbrage, said, “Come back.”

Presumably this means they’ll stretch Steve Bannon on the rack.


Will Steve be drawn and quartered?  Now Bob Mueller joins the fray.

And sent his own subpoena to Steve Bannon just today.

it’s for the Russian probe and the Grand Jury Bob has called.

Steve can’t refuse to answer them.  The Press is just enthralled.


Trump’s medical exam results showed that he’s OK.

He’s borderline obese but he is not yet in decay.

The doctor said it’s likely he can finish out his term.

There;s no dementia, as his mental status tests confirm.


His other numbers are OK, at least they are, for age.

Cholesterol and LDL too high and that’s a gauge

Of risk of cardiac events, as are his age and sex.

So there were no surprises and no glaring health defects.


There’s fallout from Trump’s Stormy Daniels deal (130K)

Since she has signed a statement that we’ve all seen by today.

And we’ve learned from the statement, Stormy Daniels isn’t miffed.

For she might be the rare “contractor” Donald hasn’t stiffed.