Donald at the Bat – Day 373

Day 373

The Davos meeting illustrates a point few understand.

Big business runs the world today.  When corporations band

Together to agree on something that they want to do,

The politicians follow.  Money motivates them too.


A business manufactures where the labor costs are cheap.

Ivanka makes her clothes in China so that she can reap

The greatest profits.  Daddy slapped no tariff on her clothes,

Nor on his shirts and ties; you’ll note that he passed over those.


His tariffs were on solar panels and washing machines,

Both products Asians manufacture.  Are these just smokescreens?

They’re quite specific for big donors.  Family revenue,

Predictably escapes the tariffs.  That is nothing new.  


What MAGA means to Donald and coal miners ain’t the same.

The tax cut will re-teach that “trickle down” is just a name

The rich and selfish use to get the poor to sing along.

Ivanka’s clothing line will still be sewn by Dong and Fong.


And cutting regulations, which will re-pollute the land,

Gives fossil fuel companies more places to expand.

Are dirty air and land and water worth jobs they create?

Is slowing solar power’s march something to celebrate?


Cherchez, la Femme; Cherchez l’Argent

Another sexual scandal has emerged in politics.

Steve Wynn, casino mogul, is now one more of those pricks

That lots of women have accused of sexual harassment.

A donor to Republicans, whose loss they will lament.


Steve Wynn, the chair of RNC fundraising will resign.

Will Rs give back his money like the Ds did to Weinstein?

Not likely.  They’ll point out that Steve gave some to Hillary,

(Though mostly to Republicans,) it’s spent.  It’s history.


Today, some have remembered horrors of the Holocaust.

Today, Remembrance Day, we should have thought about the cost.

But frankly, most of us ignored the murder of the Jews.

Are we that hardened?  Don’t we care?  Or is it just old news?


The news showed that Rex Tillerson, in Warsaw, laid a wreath.

Our President did nothing, is the Holocaust beneath

The cares of Donald’s office, though he mentioned it last year?

(Although he left the Jews out then.)  Was that the last we’ll hear?