Donald at the Bat – Day 359

Day 359

Let’s sit down, take a breath, consider where we are this week.

Our President’s a racist and our country’s getting weak.

Trump’s statements are disgraceful; we are losing our prestige

And everywhere around the world our honor’s under siege.


And, guess what?  It’s not Hillary who got us in this mess.

No, it is Donald Trump who caused the problems we address.

And, it is not Obama, who cared for the sick and poor.

No, it’s the Trump infection for which we must find a cure.


Republicans in Congress mostly sing evasive tunes.

Their courage constipated, perhaps they should eat some prunes.

The Democrats all sharpen knives, elections drawing near.

Where do they stand?  Not just: no Trump.  Let’s make them all be clear.


Most people on TV condemning what Trump said are black

And many more are women.  Why are white males holding back?

Is it because they fear a world more brown and feminine?

If we’re all equal, that will happen.  Is that bad for men?


No, it’s not bad; it’s different.  When there’s true equality

One race and gender do not dominate society.

Now, Martin Luther King’s birthday should cause us to reflect

What “…all…created equal….” means and what we should expect.


Though, throughout history, those who dominate always oppose

Whatever change is happening, (that’s always how it goes.)

It’s only natural that those on top fight to stay there.

Somehow they think that “fairness” means they win.  Well, is that fair?


Trump speaks to this emotion: selfishness in all of us.

The thought that others matter to him, rather dubious.

But keeping blacks and women down does not help poor white men.

Equality is coming.  And, the only question: when?



“Ballistic missile threat inbound,” Hawaiians heard today.

It was a false alarm, “just” human error.  Oy Vey!

How could this happen?  We don’t know.  With Donald Trump and Kim

Comparing buttons, better not poke either one of them.


But Kim was sleeping, Trump was playing golf in Florida,

No missile coming at a state here in America.

We found it was a false alarm and, in sufficient time,

To stop us from a counter punch and keep us in peacetime.


A finger pushed a button; warning system was turned on

And texts went out, “Here comes the bomb,” and people on the john

Had prompt evacuation.  You could call it, bombs away!

But otherwise, a pretty scary way to start the day.


The Other Nuclear Problem

Trump has renewed the Iran Deal but said he won’t again

Unless the other nations re-negotiate and “win.”

He did not say just what this means but, if Obama signed,

There must be something wrong with it that others have to find.