Donald at the Bat – Day 358

Day 358

Today, Trump signed the proclamation for MLK Day.

He said nice things, as did Ben Carson, signed, then walked away.

He took no questions from the Press, has not apologized

For vulgar comments yesterday, as usual, racialized.


By now we know that this was standard Trump.  We recognize

The President’s a racist.  You don’t have to scrutinize

His history too carefully, for it jumps off the page.

His father (in the KKK?) taught Don from a young age. (1)


Republican hemorrhoids are itching: what to say or do?

Two said they don’t recall what they heard—Cotton and Perdue.

Paul Ryan said it was “unhelpful.”  The most hurtful, though,

Was members of his base who, more or less, said, “Way to go!”


But, Lindsey Graham, who was there, did not try to deny

That Trump said, “shithole countries.”  (Unlike Cotton, he won’t lie.)

He said when Trump made his remark, he spoke up then and there.

Dick Durbin also said he did, expressing his despair.


Perhaps the saddest non-reaction: “Christian” ministers,

Who stick with Trump through thick and thin, stayed fellow travelers

Through Access Hollywood and now through this foul, racist slur.

No matter what Trump does or says, will anyone demur?


As international reaction to Trump’s crass insults

Starts coming in, we do not have to wait long for results.

Trump’s cancelling his trip to London; our new embassy

Is opening.  He won’t show up, an unmourned truancy.


Trump is supposed to cut the ribbon but there’s no parade.

The Queen won’t want to stand with him, so she would send an aide.

Without the pomp and circumstance, the Donald will not go.

The Queen heaved a sigh of relief, as far as we all know.


As usual, Donald blames Obama, for the deal he made.

How we sold the old building, shows that he just got outplayed.

Barack sold it for “peanuts,” and the new site that he chose

Is just so bad that Trump can’t stand to see it, we suppose.


Of interest is the fact that it was George Bush (43)

Who made the embassy decision, for security.

But Trump still blames Obama.  You don’t have to wonder why.

Whenever Trump must make a choice, he picks on the black guy.



The President has his first physical exam today.

And Trump can’t choose the doctor, so, perhaps to his dismay

We will be able to believe results this doctor finds.

And his report will be made public, unless Trump declines.


When Trump used his own doctor, the report his doctor wrote

Was not above suspicion.  His new doc won’t sugarcoat—

He’ll poke and prod and X ray, listen with his stethoscope.

But, in which end of Trump should he stick his colonoscope?


  1. The New York Times reported that Fred Trump was arrested at a KKK demonstration in 1927 and discharged.


Let’s go way back in time when modern humans first arose.

We all walked out of Africa, as all the data shows.

Some turned left into Europe; some turned right to Asian plains,

Then northeast to America.  Mutation made new strains.


We’re African Americans, yes everybody here.

Let’s cut the black, white crap that the bigots all hold dear.

Norwegians, Haitians, Africans, the ones who stayed at home,

Are all from just one breeding stock here, under heaven’s dome.


It just keeps happening

We have just learned Trump’s lawyer paid $130K

For silence from a porn star, selling sex, reporters say.

It was consensual but brings up all Trump’s other stuff.

We learn more every day.  When will we say we’ve had enough?