Donald at the Bat – Day 357

Day 357

When meeting with some senators (bipartisan) today,

Trump said he wanted immigrants from countries like Norway

And not from “shithole countries,” Haiti or El Salvador,

Then threw in all the Africans to slam our open door.


What do these “shitholes” have in common?  People there are dark.

Would that have meant that Noah would not let them on the ark?

“Your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free.” (1)

Does not say, “no brown skins on people seeking liberty.”


First it was “birtherism” that put Donald in the race.

That sort of bigotry solidified his racist base.

It’s clearer every day that Trump’s a white supremacist,

A racist bigot blended with a rank misogynist.


The White House made a statement in which they did not deny

A word of what the Donald said.  It makes you want to cry.

Our President’s a bigot and he’s not good at his job.

Such qualities so evident, yet he’s a racist snob.


Solidifying Trump’s position as incompetent,

Consider contradicting tweets on FISA, Donald sent—-

The first opposed reauthorizing, then he took it back.

He didn’t understand the issue: standard Trump, alack!


Trump made this crass remark to several Senators.  Did they

Object or say, “You’re out of line,” do anything,  convey

They disapproved of crudity, no matter from whose tongue,

Such scurrilous remarks may come, from “shitholes” spewing dung?


Will anyone in Congress introduce a censure bill?

Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell?  Who among them won’t keep still

And show a sense of honor and perhaps, propriety?

And say our country welcomes all those seeking liberty?


  1. Emma Lazarus, The New Colossus, 1883, now on the Statue of Liberty