Donald at the Bat – Day 356

Day 356

Trump and his Cabinet met today, the first of the new year.

Reporters were let in last year, but just so they could hear

The Cabinet members bow and scrape and offer Trump their praise.

Reporters asked themselves, “Would this be one more of those days?”


But, no, it wasn’t.  This time Trump performed the rites himself.

It was essentially stock phrases he got off the shelf.

Neil Gorsuch, tax cuts, regulations: we have heard them all.

And then, of course, security.  We have to build the Wall.


But there was something new as well; he wants the libel laws

To be revised (since Fire and Fury punched him in the schnozz.)

He wants to make it easier to sue if you don’t like

What someone writes, then you can stick their head up on a pike.


So Trump is suing Buzzfeed.  They published “The Dossier.”

Trump says it’s all Fake News but just his base sees it that way.

For, most investigators say the Dossier rings true.

And, truth is a defense when someone sues to punish you.


And now it’s “sneaky” Feinstein who released what GPS

Told her committee in the Senate, giving us access

To how they got the “Dossier.”  There’s nothing classified.

Trump said release was criminal.  He’s uninformed, or lied.


Remember how Trump opened up the coasts so we could drill?

Well, every coastal state objects and now Trump says he will

Rescind the order, just for Florida.  Why such a treat?

(He’s helping Governor Rick Scott run for a Senate seat.)


In San Diego, champagne corks are popping, songs are sung.

The Darrell Issa era’s over.  His last bell has rung.

He has a gerrymandered district, almost lost last time.

Now he sees re-election as too high a hill to climb.


Trump met with Norway’s Head of State, took questions from the Press.

He bashed the Russian probe: a hoax and blot on the US.

The Paris Climate deal he quit hurts our economy.

His EPA is fair and balanced—drill for energy.


In USA Today, we read that Trump sold real estate

Worth over thirty million to shell companies, who state

They will not name the people who bought property last year.

Do you think Donald knows and might these buyers have his ear?


Consensus from both Right and Left is: Trump has been exposed.

His immigration meeting with the Democrats disclosed

He didn’t know what “clean bills” are, as “sneaky” Feinstein showed.

Trump tried to show he was in charge.  Instead more doubt was sowed.


And last, the Democratic caucus issued a report

About how Trump has given absolutely no support

To any formal program to combat the Russian hacks

That interfered in our elections and new, planned attacks.


Though Trump says, “No collusion, no collusion,” isn’t this?

Ignoring Russian interference, going on to piss

On Robert Mueller, DOJ, and his own FBI.

So, really, what does this look like, to the unbiased eye?