Donald at the Bat – Day 355

Day 355

Republicans and Democrats met with the President.

Trump let the Press in, which is almost without precedent.

In televised discussion of both DACA and the Wall,

For almost one whole hour, viewers got to see it all.


Trump wants to link the issues to get money for his Wall.

The Democrats don’t want to link them, sure to cause a brawl.

Republicans and Trump say that border security

Requires a wall but Democrats doubt its validity.


Trump cited Israel, their wall, and Arab terrorists,

Which was effective.  “This is different,” say most analysts.

Are Mexicans our enemy?  Trump treats them like they are.

They come here to do jobs we need, not put bombs in a car.


So Mexicans are critical in our economy,

In low wage jobs.  Emphatically, they’re not our enemy.

Do “Good fences make good neighbors, as said by Robert Frost? (1)

In “Mending Wall,” a fence twixt neighbors isn’t worth the cost.


But, Trump just wants to make a deal.  No deeper principle

Than looking like he’s winning makes him more convincible,

When talking with a left wing or right wing ideologue.

“Deal maker,” his self-image but ideals?  Just a fog.


More feces hit the fan in Congress; Senator Feinstein

Released ten hours of testimony.  Did she cross a line?

Chuck Grassley tried to keep it secret; Fusion GPS

Said, “Get it out there.  It will help clear up the Russian mess.”


“The Dossier,” that Fusion GPS got from Chris Steele

Is bad for Donald Trump.  Republicans think that it might seal

The Donald’s fate and so do Democrats, therefore the fight

To hide or verify the facts that prove that both are right.


Poor Stephen Bannon will be leaving Breitbart, what a shame.

They have the cash and platform on which Bannon built his fame.

Steve pissed on Donald’s family, a no no, false or true.

Now, how can Bannon screw the state, a neutered buckaroo?


Though Roy Moore did not make it, there’s another miscreant,

The felon, Joe Arpaio, pardoned Donald sycophant,

Might seek the seat in Arizona, once Flake says, “Good night.”

If sexual predators can’t win, convicted felons might.


Back to Fire and Fury

Perhaps the most intriguing point that Fire and Fury made

Was Trump did not expect to win, or want to.  He would trade

On his celebrity to found a Fox New-like empire,

Broadcasting right wing stuff for the new base he set on fire.


But then he won and he was stuck, completely unprepared,

Which now is pretty clear, as one can tell from how he’s fared

In working at the job for which he ran as just a scam.

And now, he can’t just do his usual, wham, bam, thank you, ma’am.


  1. “Mending Wall,” Robert Frost, 1914