Donald at the Bat – Day 354

Day 354

Negotiations started to have Donald talk to Bob.

The stakes are nothing other than, can Donald keep his job?

Trump says there’s no collusion, no one’s coming after me.

If so, why is he treating Bob like he’s the enemy?


Congressional Republicans and folks who work at Fox

Insinuate and denigrate and hurl their verbal rocks.

Elaborate defense if you’re expecting no attack.

Perhaps Trump feels the fires of Hell start licking up his back?


Trump told the Press he’ll testify: to lie to them, no crime

But to grand juries, a big no no, could be prison time.

We’ll see if Donald testifies or parries, ducks, and blocks

And lets Republicans and Fox continue casting rocks.


Because of Fire and Fury and the way that Donald speaks

In public and as quoted in Wolff’s on-the-record leaks.

There’s speculation that the 25th Amendment is in play.

Will Mike Pence stop brown-nosing?  Well, at this point, we can’t say.


Now, there are lots of people, both professional and lay,

Who think that Donald is unfit; his mind shows some decay.

A cabinet of toadies, led by Pence, most probably

Will take no action, even with Trump’s disability.


To add to all his surrogates is Donald’s own defense.

He cites his college and election as good evidence

That he’s a genius and he’s stable; that we all should know.

Would he release his grades and SATs?  We don’t think so.


Psychiatrists debate just how Trump ought to be described.

They don’t like diagnostic terms, say these should be proscribed.

But “ignorant” and “jerk” and plain old “bad” are fine with them.

You don’t need an MD to see that these apply to him.


Hollywood and Women

The Golden Globes were handed out last night in Hollywood

And Oprah Winfrey gave a speech that some think really could

Begin to cook the goose of men like Trump.  She said it’s time

To stop such predatory males and wash away the slime.


Can women standing up to fight and men of true goodwill,

Now filter true equality out of the sewer swill?

There’s still a long, long way to go but now we have a start.

And, there are lots and lots of women who are really smart.


Of course, Ms. Winfrey’s speech has caused a speculation burst,

That she might run for President and satisfy a thirst

The liberals have for sanity as well as competence.

Real billionaire who’s black and female?  Will Trump take offense?


The Trump “Fake News” Award Show

Trump will postpone Fake News awards for one more week, he said.

The interest is tremendous, the awards not feared, instead

Such an award is coveted.  Folks say, “Oh, please, choose me.”

That’s not what Trump expected.  Will he cancel?  Wait and see.


What Trump can’t stand is ridicule and he invited it.

In this case, it looks like Trump just got bit by his own skit.

It’s like a gunfight: when you shoot yourself in your own foot.  

Perhaps Trump should just limp away; the Press won’t pussyfoot.