Donald at the Bat – Day 353

Day 353

This is the way the world works, Bannon forced to osculate

On bended knee between Trump’s glutei.  We speculate

That Mercer money and his Breitbart job have been withdrawn.

Because of what he said in print, Steve Bannon’s pride is gone.


It is humiliation, abject, total, Trump demands.

When you insult the Donald, it’s not private reprimands,

But public flogging, being driven naked down the street

With feces flung by jeering crowds as glass shards cut your feet.


Jeff Sessions once remarked he could accept the KKK

Until he heard that they smoked pot.  Then they were not OK.

We thought that he was joking but he’s going after pot.

He’s been no friend of blacks, so was he joking?  Maybe not.


With several states, and mostly blue, where pot is legalized,

And Trump once said it was states’ rights, but that has been revised,

We wonder what the feds will do: states’ rights, a right wing claim,

Or do they only mean themselves?  Are their claims just a game?


Cut taxes for the rich and social programs for the poor.

Tobacco, alcohol, no problem.  Stop pot; that’s the cure.

And then, of course, we need a Wall before we fund CHIP.

So, what are our priorities?  For whom our stewardship?