Donald at the Bat – Day 352

Day 352

Today is January sixth, known as Epiphany.

Not Christ but our enfant terrible needs Wise Men, one, two, three.

They came to visit Christ today, brought gold, incense, and myrrh.

And Trump would take the gold, for sure.  On wisdom, he’ll defer.


The President went to Camp David to plot strategy

With Mike and Paul and Mitch and leaders of the GOP.

He tweeted about Fire and Fury, his sound mental state,

Took questions from the Press, said his accomplishments were great.


The Donald told us once again that he is very smart.

He’s rich and he is President.  So, that sets him apart

From everybody else because he won on his first try.

Reporters simply must admit that he’s a special guy.


There’s no collusion, no collusion, look at Hillary,

Collaboration with the Russians by the DNC.

Would he sit down with Mueller if Bob asked him to, some day?

There’s no collusion, no collusion, all that Trump would say.


There’ll be no deal on DACA if Trump doesn’t get his Wall.

We need such strong security to help protect us all

From dirty scum of immigrants.  “They” don’t send us their best,

Like chain migration to a family with a feathered nest.


Homeland Security wants eighteen billion for the Wall.

“Just put it on my tab,” says Trump.  “Give Mexico a call.”

Trump still insists that Mexico will pay, somehow, some way.

(Smart money should invest in ladder companies today.)


The Donald says he’s handing out Fake News awards next week.

Comedians all covet this award.  It’s so unique.

The competition’s rough: the Post, the Times, and CNN,

And MSNBC, (and Breitbart;) only Fox can’t win.