Donald at the Bat – Day 351

Day 351

The New York Times reports that Robert Mueller has confirmed

That Trump obstructed justice as James Comey had affirmed.

Trump told the White House lawyer, Don McGahn, to lean on Jeff

To close the Russian Thing; do not recuse; remain the chef.


Trump said that Sessions should protect him from the Russian Thing.

And if he fails such loyalty, his ass is in a sling.

When Sessions did recuse himself, Trump pitched a screaming fit,

Demanding the AG resign; then Trump rejected it.


So Trump fired Comey when he wouldn’t pledge his loyalty

And threatened to fire Sessions for the same debility.

Both are obstructing justice as Bob Mueller now can prove

And that’s impeachable.  But will Republicans approve?


If you read Fire and Fury, it is plainly evident

That Donald’s close associates think he’s incompetent.

Republicans got tax cuts; how much more will they endure?

If Democrats win Congress, will impeachment be the cure?


Obama had restricted drilling on most offshore sites,

So naturally Trump’s for it but that’s sure to cause some fights.

The Donald doesn’t give a damn about our wetlands’ health.

He just wants to increase oil corporation health and wealth.


But Blue states and some Red states with extensive ocean shores,

Cannot abide oil leaking from adjacent ocean floors.

And, leaks are not unusual, check recent history.

(Obama is why Trump combats the solar industry.)


The Russian Thing, Republican Version

Now Lindsey Graham and Chuck Grassley want the FBI

To look into Steele’s “Dossier.”  They said he told a lie.

The FBI’s already done so.  That’s why Mueller’s there.

These senators want it reversed, afraid truth is not “fair.”


The most amazing thing about what these two men have done

Is recommending prosecution only for someone

Reporting that he found a crime, not the purported crooks.

Are these two guys so unaware of how their action looks?


So Devin Nunes in the House, Grassley and Graham are

Now doing everything they can, essentially to bar

Investigation of the President and Russian Thing.

Is hanging on to power all there is to the right wing?


We’ve no idea whether Trump believes things he might say.

We thought that Lindsey Graham did, but what he did today

Should make us question both his motives and his character.

What does he think he’s doing?  Graham is no amateur.


We know that Trump is venal and a liar of renown.

Is his syndrome infectious?  Will it spread throughout the town?

Will there  be an epidemic that will mostly strike the right?

Is there a form of therapy, a doctor for our plight?


It seems that Wolff revealed a diagnosis others made,

That many have suspected, although they were all afraid

To speak the words for attribution, lest they lose their heads.

But now they fear catastrophe from how we’re being led.