Donald at the Bat – Day 350

Day 350

It’s turning out the worst thing for Trump’s fortune was to win.

If he had lost, he’d have a base and would be, “in like Flynn.” (1)

For he could start a network, maybe to the right of Fox,

That he could lead most anywhere, like shepherds herd their flocks.


But then he won and, Oh my God! He’d be the President.

For Donald Trump, this was a most unlucky accident.

If Trump had lost, the Russian Thing would be an exercise

In stopping Putin’s future hacks and less on Donald’s lies.


But, as the President, beneath Bob Mueller’s microscope,

Not knowing how to govern, looking like a crook and dope,

The Donald’s empire may collapse.  Does penury await?

When Icarus flew to the Sun, it was an awful fate. (2)


Enormous consternation over what Steve Bannon said.

It’s like the Donner Party; starving travelers ate their dead.

The Trump Administration, past and present, masticates

On all the backs they’ve bitten off, while Bannon urinates.


Republicans are trying hard to cover up the pot.

What Mueller started heating, Fire and Fury made too hot.

Incompetence, stupidity: who could survive such blows?

For narcissists like Donald, they’re a punch right on the nose.


So Mooch is back on TV, playing an old, rerun part.

“Because he doesn’t read, does not mean Donald isn’t smart.”

And, who’s this Uma Abedin?  Did she commit a sin

That we can use in going after Hillary again?


Will everybody be indicted and turn into rats?

And will the courts and Democrats be hungry alley cats?

Can Trump sue Wolff to shut him up?  But, what if Wolff has tapes?

If those are introduced in court, then nobody escapes.


Enraged, the Donald’s threatening to sue ‘most everyone,

Steve Bannon, Wolff, the Publisher, all those beneath the sun,

Demanding they cease and desist.  This just ensures top sales.

Most lawyers say that such a suit inevitably fails.


So, while the East Coast freezes, Trump’s White House is way too hot.

It isn’t Global Warming and it’s not a Deep State plot.

Is it Trump’s mental fitness, some organic malady?

If it’s dementia setting in, there is no remedy.


Trump’s in a state of overwhelm; he was so unprepared

For all the job requirements in which he is ensnared.

And, if he doesn’t read, he can’t improve.  It’s a good bet

That what we’re seeing now is not as bad as it will get.


Trump’s dissolution of his Voter Fraud Commission seems

Like both retreat and then retrenchment.  He’s just changing schemes.

He’ll move the Fraud Commission to Homeland Security,

No open meetings, Democrats, or other nicety.


Now the Executive controls what this commission finds.

Trump hopes to get around all the state privacy law binds.

And force new voter ID laws to keep poor blacks away.

Then maybe he won’t lose the total vote, election day.

  1. “In like Flynn” referred to Errol Flynn the famous actor with a taste for the ladies, and alcohol, both of which contributed to his demise.
  2. Icarus, son of Daedalus, using wings of feathers glued with wax, constructed by his father, flew too close to the sun; the wax melted; he fell out of the sky, into the sea, and drowned.