Donald at the Bat – Day 349

Day 349

The “Freudishness” of Trump’s “big button” tweet shocked everyone.

Melania has not weighed in but she’s the only one.

Although there’s competition, this most childish of Trump’s rants

Is pretty much equivalent to pulling down his pants.


Trump goes to Mar a Lago, where we all have realized,

That, thanks to sun and golf, his ego gets re-energized.

He comes back to the White House, flexes thumbs, and starts to tweet.

(Because of global warming, he brings back a lot of heat.)


It will get worse; for Fire and Fury, author, Michael Wolff,

Has interviewed Steve Bannon, who became The Big Bad Wolf.

He said that it was treason, meeting Russians in Trump Tower.

Outside the tent, Steve’s pissing in, asserting waning power.


With Fox News staying sycophants, Breitbart now enemies,

Trump’s armor looks a lot more like a slice of old Swiss cheese .

We all know Bannon’s mean, mendacious, and still has his goals.

If he thinks Trump’s not helpful, he will throw him on the coals.


And, naturally, Trump is enraged at what Steve Bannon said.

From his reaction, one concludes, Trump wishes Steve were dead.

But there are lots more quotes in Fire and Fury, everyone,

At one time or another, pissed on Donald and his son.


Does everyone think Trump is stupid?  That’s what one might think

From reading Fire and Fury, for its quotes raise quite a stink.

And, for a narcissist, this wound cuts clear down to the bone,

He has to have his sycophants.  He cannot stand alone.


Not only is Trump skewered; there’s backstabbing going on.

The West Wing staff is not a team.  How soon will they be gone?

There’s sexual innuendo, questions of intelligence,

And poor cooperation.  No, not even the pretense.


With Donald so dysfunctional, why are Republicans

In general, so silent?  Are they good Americans?

For, as Trump’s brand is tarnished, so his party smells of rot.

So, which is worse: exposed as craven or as being bought?


Apparently the President still needs to be informed

About bureaucracy and policy, how both are formed.

Therefore, what follows here below is a didactic song

That some may find instructional.  All others, sing along.


Bureaucracy  (Tune, We Three Kings of Orient, Are)

Here’s a song for bureaucracy,

Paper shufflers for you and me,

So enmeshed in forms they’ve forgotten

What they are supposed to be.


Oh…they’ve got forms defining norms,

Forms for buying other forms,

And if their system makes you angry,

You put your complaints on forms.


Bureaucrats are never too fast.

In a race they all tie for last.

When there’s work they all jump right on it

Right after the deadline’s passed.


Oh… they’ve got forms to chart our lives

Forms for Mormons’ extra wives,

And if their system makes you nervous,

Then they’ve got a form for hives.


Acquired immune deficiency

Is no threat to bureaucracy.

They’ll just sit and watch it pass

With their ass covered formally.


Oh…they’ve got forms in case you sin,

Forms recording where you’ve been,

And just for yuppies they’ve got forms

To fill out if you’re rich and thin.


If someone comes from bureaucrat ranks

To date your daughter, you should give thanks.

There’s no chance he’ll fill out her form,

For bureaucrats all use blanks.


Oh…they’ve got forms in case you sue,

Forms for everything you do.

And if you get the Aztec two-step,

Then wipe those forms on your wazoo!