Donald at the Bat – Day 348

Day 348

For eight straight years we have not had a fatal airline crash,

So Trump took credit for last year but was he being brash?

For it is regulations that have kept us safe and sound,

Kept passengers from being parts and pieces on the ground.


Trump rolled back 1600 regulations of all kinds

And business confidence is raised but some are of two minds.

It’s good if they create more jobs, like presents from Saint Nick.

It’s bad if more pollution means more people getting sick.


So we will have to wait and see where tax cut money goes,

Where mining crap that’s dumped in streams and rivers finally flows.

And will financial bubbles form to pop and cause a crash?

Will deficits make money tight, since Donald Trump was brash?


We know that Donald Trump thinks that bankruptcy is just fine,

As long as partners lose their dough and he says, “I’ve got mine.”

But now Trump’s business partners are all of the USA.

Reality in economics always has its say.


The return of El Tweeto

The President returned from playing golf to twittering

And now he’s turned attention to the world and blistering

The DOJ and Pakistan, Iran and Rocket Man.

Is he at war with everyone, offending all he can?


Why isn’t Justice prosecuting Hillary and friends?

And foreign aid to Pakistan?  That foolishness now ends.

Young folks protesting in Iran: that government should fall!

Should Kim and South Korea talk?  And Trump still wants a Wall.


And, from the Palestinians, “…we don’t get no respect.” (1)

Trump will withdraw our money to see if that will correct

Their attitude toward us and Israel.  That’s Donald’s style;

Infuriate the Muslim world (and that makes Putin smile.)


Now Orrin Hatch says he’ll retire; so, will Mitt Romney run?

A “Never Trumper” in the Senate?  My, won’t that be fun?

Mitt’s dad was born in Mexico.  What’s Mitt think of the Wall?

In fact, will Romney follow Trump on anything at all?


At The White House Briefing

“Did Trump employees get a bonus?”  Someone asked today.

But Sarah Sanders ducked and said, “Find out what Trump’s kids say.

“The President is not involved in those decisions now,”

Thought articles and emails show he’s still involved, and how!


He’s checking on the profits of his Washington hotel.

He gave himself some big tax breaks, in time for the Noel.

And, if his companies paid bonuses, Trump would say so.

So Sarah Sanders could have answered briefly…(“Just say, no.”) (2)


There’s fascinating testimony: Fusion GPS

Told Congress the Steele Dossier, that’s firing up the Press,

Was not the first alleging that the Russians interfered

With our election, only one of many, as Trump feared.  


In May, 2016, Trump’s “coffee boy” had said he knew

The Russians had emails of Clinton’s they could use to screw

Poor Hillary.  And there’s no way he’d be the only one.

When did collusion get its start?  By then had it begun?


Republicans in Congress have heard all these facts before

But their committee chairmen will not tell the Press the score.

It looks like they are covering for Trump and all his sins.

Is anything alright with them, as long as their guy wins?


  1. Rodney Dangerfield, op cit.
  2. Nancy Reagan’s solution to our drug problem.  It didn’t work.