Donald at the Bat – Day 360

Day 360

Republicans are lining up to say Trump did not say

That Africa’s a “shithole,” changing stories, by the way.

Perdue and Cotton first said that they just did not recall

But now they say he did not say it.  (Graham heard it all.)


And Graham told his fellow senator, Tim Scott, he heard

Exactly what has been reported, almost word for word.

And Jeff Flake has confirmed that several others said the same.

If those denying it now choose to lie, what is their game?


It’s one way to stop DACA.  Any white supremacist

Agrees with Donald’s “shithole” views and all of them insist

That immigration is a problem in security.

So, we must keep “those people” out…too much disparity.


The problem with Trump’s bigotry is: we’re not mad enough.

Trump’s history goes back decades.  This is standard, Donald stuff.

And he’s revealed a lot of us agree with his dark view.

I’m sure that you have “friends” who do.  Now, tell me true: do you?


Our history is disgraceful with regard to bigotry.

Of course, our foulest stain of all was our black slavery.

Non-Protestant religions: Catholics, Muslims, of course, Jews,

Have been condemned and murdered.  Check the history books and news.


Our newspapers ran cartoons that condemned the immigrant:

Italians, Irish, Jews, and Chinese, with the clear intent

To close the door to those who came for work or liberty,

For they were just too different.  (Now it’s for “security.”)


And there were some who came here fifteen thousand years ago.

The Europeans took their land and lives, as we all know.

Our destiny was manifest.  We stole because we could. (1)

And some think that when God saw this, He said that it was good.


We’re comfortable with bigots, knowingly electing one.

So, how can anybody be surprised at what he’s done?

The fault, dear Brutus,… ourselves.  It’s in our history. (2)

Now that we’ve made our diagnosis, what’s the therapy?


We need more education; we must not be satisfied

That one race or mythology is best: the sin of pride.

The Bible and the genome project both say we are one.

We’re ninety nine point nine percent the same as everyone.


And yet, we’re very tribal; a small difference means too much.

No gods, one God, or many, different skin colors, and such,

Have all caused wars (armed robbery) slavery, rape, you name the crime.

Let’s recognize that “Time is up.”  In fact it’s overtime. (3)


  1. Manifest Destiny: the 19th century doctrine that God intended for European Christians to take over the whole North American continent.
  2. “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves.”  William Shakespeare: Julius Caesar, Act 1, Scene 2
  3. “Time’s Up,” a slogan, along with “#Me too,” of the modern women’s movement against sexual harassment.