Donald at the Bat – Day 341

Day 341

The biggest story of the year has been “The Russia thing.”

Bob mueller’s on the case.  Will Donald’s ass be in a sling?

The Russians interfered in our election; that is clear.

Did Donald Trump collude with them?  Is Mueller getting near?


Republicans are clearly worried.  Some hope to curtail

The Mueller probe by smearing Bob.  They need for him to fail.

And Trump goes further, tweeting smears about the FBI.

He’s clearly feeling Mueller’s heat.  Does Donald fear he’ll fry?


“The Dossier” by Richard Steele gives Trump a major pain.

It gave investigators clues about the Trump campaign.

Though Trump says it’s discredited, as usual, that’s not true.

Much of “The Dossier” checks out; none of it proved untrue.


One of the damning problems we’ve learned in the Trump campaign

Is all the Russian contacts they “forgot.”  Just too much strain?

Eventually they would “remember,” or did they just lie?

And, if they lied about these contacts, one would wonder, why?


And Donald has done nothing to stop future Russian hacks.

In fact, he’s steadfast in denial of established facts.

The Russians hacked the DNC, gave that to WikiLeaks,

And put fake posts on social media from Kremlin geeks.


But Donald just blows all this off, attacking Hillary

And all his Intel agencies.  He makes a mockery

Of all their loyalty and work to save the USA

From Putin’s machinations.  Trump will let him have his way.


In fact, Trump nearly worships Putin, never speaking ill

Of Vlad while trashing folks at home with undisguised ill will.

Like Hillary, the Senate, House, the judges, DOJ,

Does Trump owe Putin money?  “Ladies” on that Dossier?