Donald at the Bat – Day 342

Day 342

Trump’s on vacation at his Mar a Lago property

And doing what he loves best, whacking golf balls off a tee.

Since he has been in office, he’s spent one third of his days

Vacationing on Trump-owned land, far from reporters’ gaze.


He’s on vacation one-third time and playing golf, one-fourth.

He tries to hide but long-range lenses watch him sally forth.

He criticized Obama’s golfing but Trump’s way ahead.

It’s twice as much, statistics show, in spite of what Trump said.


His strategy, hypocrisy, if you demand a name.

He manufactures clothes in China.  Life is just a game

You try to win and you keep score with life style and with cash

And letting others eat his losses adds to Donald’s stash.


He takes time out from golfing just to tweet and start a fight

Or he is watching Fox and Friends because they treat him right.

Reports that do not praise him, he will label as “fake news.”

And White House staff have all learned of the shortness of his fuse.


The Russian Thing

The hemorrhoids of Donald’s lawyers now must really itch.

They need to show Mike Flynn is a lying son of a bitch.

In spite of what the Donald said, that Flynn is a good man,

They’ll have to represent that Donald never was a fan.


There’s so much on the record with Trump singing Mike Flynn’s praise.

Obama warned him: don’t hire Flynn; that set Trump’s mind ablaze.

So he put Mike Flynn on the team to lead the NSA.

Who knows what knowledge lurks within the brain of Flynn today? (1)


Now Flynn’s cooperating with Bob Mueller; ulcer time!

The White House lawyer’s fear that Flynn knows all the grime and slime.

He talked a lot with Russians; he knows who did what with whom.

And when he tells Bob what he knows, will that spell Donald’s doom?


Republicans know, if Trump goes, they’ll lose their grip on power,

So they’ll back him, no matter what, although the taste is sour.

They’re smearing Flynn; they’re smearing Bob, no matter what he files.

But Mike flynn’s talking; Trump is panicked; and Bob Mueller smiles.


And still, we have to ask, why Donald has not done a thing

About the Russian interference.  Does he think their sting

Will always be on Donald’s side and are you puzzled why

The Russians helped Republicans down ballot, not just high?


Should we not be suspicious that Vlad likes Republicans?

Historically, Republicans, of all Americans,

Have been the most opposed to Russians, Communists and now.

What do the Russians know about their character, and how?


  1. Apologies to “The Shadow,” 1930s pulp novels and radio drama. “Who knows what evil lurks within the hearts of men?  The Shadow knows.”