Donald at the Bat – Day 340

Day 340

Let’s next review the Donald’s problems with folks who aren’t white.

He started out with birtherism, tailored to the right.

The campaign was a total fraud;  racism fueled it, though

And shocked us with how much remained, the lowest of the low.


Since birtherism was based on pure white supremacy,

Stupidity, religiosity, and lunacy

May all contribute to the problem.  Trump’s a special case.

He knew he could use bigotry to help him win his race.


The next phase of Trump’s program was: get rid of Mexicans.

He charged that they were rapists, drug mules, general houligans.

Uneducated bigots say brown folks come here to rob.

If you check the statistics, brown folks come here for a job.


Our border has a “Keep Out” sign, “Help Wanted” next to it.

In our economy the low-skilled worker sucks hind tit.

The Capitalist pays the lowest wages that he can.

Trump’s records show us that he does not “hire American.”


So, will he build a wall and why?  Just check his history.

The reason is his own and his supporters bigotry.

Construction companies will vy for pieces of the deal.

We know what business Trump is in.  Now, what is that you feel?


Now, back to black Obama and to his accomplishments.

Trump’s doing everything he can to wipe out their intent.

With every order that he signs, a regulation’s gone.

Try as he might, Barack Obama’s legacy lives on.


Obamacare has proven the most difficult to kill.

Though Trump repealed the purchase mandate in the tax cut bill,

That move will cost some thirteen million people their health care.

As usual, someone else pays for Trump’s “win;” he thinks that’s fair.


Sieg Heil!

To emphasize his bigotry, there’s Trump and Charlottesville.

The White Supremacist and anti-Semite marching drill

Led to the death of one young woman.  Someone drove his car

Into a counter-protest crowd.  Trump’s comments were bizarre.


The right wing march looked just like Nuremberg in ‘33.

The anti Jewish slogans, torches, flags…no mystery.

They were all bigots, through and through but Trump saw blame both ways

And saw, “fine people on both sides,” jaw-dropping moral haze.


A Holiday Tune: Capitalism Needs Christmas (tune: Frosty the Snowman)


Capitalism needs the Christmas holiday,

For, if sales are slow in the winter snow,

Then we can’t be bright and gay.


Capitalism has to have its Christmas sale,

So, go out and spend; be a merchant’s friend

Or the Commies will prevail.


Then let us praise the Holidays and our economy.

For spending dough when cold winds blow

Preserves the GDP.


Capitalism follows sacred precedents

Like the Wise Men did when they gave the Kid

Gold and myrrh and frankincense.


Thumpety thump, thump, thumpety thump, thump,

Pound the Communists.

Thumpety thump, thump, thumpety thump, thump,

Use your shopping lists!


Pick out a target; pay cash or charge it.

Money should circulate.

We all revere it; that is the spirit

That made this country great!


Stephen Baird, 2012