Donald at the Bat – Day 339

Day 339

As we review the year gone by, it’s useful to divide

The subjects we’re reviewing.  The first: when Donald lied.

We’ve chosen three because they all have data to compare.

They clearly show that Donald fibbed and that it isn’t rare.


The College of Electors has made Trump the President.

He called his win the biggest ever, but it’s evident

Obama, Bushes I and II, and Clinton all had more.

Trump’s win was in the lowest quartile, if you’re keeping score.


Let’s move to the Inauguration and to Trump’s crowd size.

He says his was the biggest ever, one more of his lies.

Examine pictures of the crowds; when you compare them all,

Obama had the largest crowds; Trump’s crowds were rather small.


Let’s now review the tax cut bill.  Again the Donald claims

It was the biggest tax cut ever; (with his pants in flames.)

As a percentage of the GDP, if you compare,

The Reagan tax cut was far larger; Trump’s claim, just hot air.


A seasonal prevarication might be apropos.

Trump says, “Now, we’ll say ‘Merry Christmas,’” as if we all know

It was verboten with the blacks and liberals in control.

But, that’s not true, Trump bad again; give him a lump of coal.


Ms. Kellyanne, apologist, spinner extraordinaire,

Has introduced a proposition, Donald thinks is fair.

Besides what we would all call “facts,” there are alternatives.

Trump uses these alternatives in all his narratives.


We could go on, but what’s the use?  For Donald and the facts

Associate just randomly.  What Trump says just distracts

Attention from a topic that he hopes he can avoid.

Do you think that he likes to send the Press into the void?