Donald at the Bat – Day 338

Day 338

Last evening SpaceX put a satellite around the Earth.

The first stage came precisely back to Earth and to its berth.

It’s Elon Musk, the Tesla man, who also runs SpaceX,

Which shows what you can do when a true genius signs the checks.


It’s Christmas time, the time to see the Nutcracker ballet.

Tschaikowsky’s famous melodies are still beloved today.

There’s genius in America; the Russians had it too.

But, in the age of Trump and Putin, what’s the world to do?


Will lust for power dominate the US government,

Obsequious obeisance to a lying President,

Who thinks more of Vlad Putin than of anybody here,

Replacing genius, past and present, while his crowds all cheer?


With Trump and Putin playing liar’s poker for the world

As everywhere around the globe, the Stars and Stripes are furled,

And Xie is playing Go in China while, back on the news,

Trump managed reignition of the Muslims and the Jews.


So, Merry Christmas, everyone, as we all head for Hell.

We’ve lost all trace of dignity and only time will tell

If data, reason or Trump’s cult of personality

Will save the country or provoke more animosity.


This year the country suffered under Donald Trump, the lout,

Although, in 2016, voters tried to keep him out,

Thanks to the Founding Fathers, he became the President.

To lose the vote, yet win, an Electoral precedent.


His loutishness was on display for more than forty years.

Yet he appealed to those upset by change-engendered fears.

Old orders had been swept away.  My God! Barack was black!

Coal mining jobs had disappeared.  Trump said he’d bring them back.


It’s been almost a year and that has been enough for most.

The Russia thing and pussy grabbing may yet make Trump toast.

The tax cut for the rich paid off the right wing donor class.

To those who have much, more was given: gold, the poor got brass.


At Mar a Lago, Trump eats dinner in the dining room,

Where folks at tables near him all can hear his boasting boom.

Reportedly he told rich dining partners, his tax cut

“Will make you all a whole lot richer,” that’s the scuttle-butt.


So, finally we have the truth.  Why hide it anymore?

The tax cut bill signed into law.   The victors may now roar.

Trump’s name off a hotel in SoHo, but it’s on that bill.

Is that a fair trade?  Probably.  So Trump can eat his fill.