Donald at the Bat – Day 337

Day 337

Some memos from the White House Counsel that Bob Mueller got

Show when McGhan told Trump Flynn lied, though Trump said he did not.

If true, when Trump fired Comey, he was trying to obstruct

An FBI investigation: criminal conduct.


Andrew McCabe, the number two man at the FBI,

Swore under oath that Comey told him, Trump said, “Flynn’s my guy,”

And asked Jim to go easy on Mike Flynn’s activity

(Including lying in his NSA capacity.)


McGahn, McCabe, obstructing justice now is getting clear.

So some Republicans (and Fox) are trying hard to smear

The FBI and Mueller to do everything they can

To stop us learning how the Russian link to Trump began.


All major legislation will be pushed off ‘til next year.

The President and House and Senate want time for good cheer.

And with midterm elections coming, campaigns will command

The energy of politicians.  Who’ll win; who’ll get canned?


A Seasonal Song for the Tax Cut


Poor Folks Have Too Much Money

(Tune: Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer(1))


Republicans give us some strange explanations

For budget deficits plaguing all nations.

But do you recall

The strangest one of them all?


Poor Folks Have Too Much Money

And the rich don’t have enough.

Though you think that sounds funny,

That’s the reason times are tough.


Don’t tax the rich; look elsewhere

Then I’m sure that you’ll admit,

It’s giveaways like welfare

That produce the deficit.


If you feed a horse some hay,

Right before your eyes,

As he canters on his way,

He’ll drop something for the flies.


So give the rich tax rebates,

For we know that “trickle down,”

Puts something on poor folks’ plates,

Even though it may be brown.


  1. Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, lyric by Johnny Marks, 1949.  Made famous by Gene Autry in his recording the same year. (Parody by Stephen M. Baird)