Donald at the Bat – Day 336

Day 336

Just after the tax cut was passed, Mike Pence sang Donald’s praise.

It’s almost like he wore knee pads.  He did not miss a phrase

Of servile flattery.  Then there were Orrin, Mitch, and Paul,

Who bowed and scraped and sang Trump’s praise: obeisant free-for-all.


To see Mike Pence, the Christian, kneel before his earthly king

To watch Republicans all pucker up to kiss the ring,

Or, as Trump said himself, “wherever,” without subtlety,

Has proven Trump demands a cult of personality.


Did House and Senate leaders plan such servicing with Pence?

Or was it simple prostitution and, at the expense

Of any sort of self-respect or for democracy?

America is not a kingdom or the Papacy.


What kind of narcissism would require such sycophants,

Require that a co-equal branch turn into supplicants?

And, now he’s threatening to withdraw all our foreign aid

From nations who object to a decision that he made.


The UN disagrees with Donald on Jerusalem.

So Trump said he will cut off funds to every one of them.

That’s one more flash of Donald’s ego; you can’t disagree

With anything he says or does, a red line boundary.


One hundred twenty eight to nine, and thirty five abstained.

The General Assembly voted, showing they disdained

The judgement and the threats of Trump.  Now, what is Donald’s move?

Will he cut off some funding, since there’s something he must prove?


The UK, France, and Germany told Donald to pound sand.

It seems that these three do not fear a Donald reprimand.

Australia and Canada decided to abstain.

They did not vote with us.  Will that cause blips in Donald’s brain?


Back to Washington

Today, once they got off their knees, Republicans went back

To Congress to work on the budget, so they would not lack

The funds to pay their salaries for all the work they do.


If government shuts down they can’t protect the well-to-do.

It looks like there will be a short-term budget deal.

Though CHIP was patched until the Spring, poor DACA lacked appeal.

Mitch says he’ll bring it to the floor.  (The Democrats insist.)

Will Mitch tie DACA to the Wall?  If not, will Trump be pissed?


Hurricane Aftermath

Will failed relief in Puerto Rico hurt Republicans?

The tax bill treats the island like it treats the Mexicans.

So Puerto Rico’s Governor hopes all Latinos vote

Against Republicans next Fall, a potent antidote.