Donald at the Bat – Day 335

Day 335

The Senate passed the tax cut bill.  The House needs a revote.

They’ll send it to the President, then they and Trump can gloat.

The deficit: a trillion and a half, that’s with a “T.”

And thirteen million lose healthcare, another tragedy.


Some eighty three percent of benefits go to the top.

Just one percent, the richest ones, get five sixths of the crop.

These are the biggest donors to our right wing Congressmen.

Big deficit, lose health care, pay rich donors, say, “Amen.”


Four trillion dollars are offshore.  How much is coming back?

The right says, lots; the left says, not.  Opinions?  There’s no lack.

Perhaps we should ask Trump what he plans for his family.

Will they bring their jobs back from China, patriotically?


So, now we all will find out, if the rich are bright and gay,

If their largess will trickle down, as right wing folks all say.

Opinions vary, naturally, but look at history.

The theory of trickle down is so much trumpery.


We know that Ryan wants to gut the social welfare state.

So, will the tax cut deficit now stimulate debate

On deep cuts to Medicare and Social Security?

They cannot cut the Pentagon, a minor deity.


Another Minor Matter

The Children’s Health Insurance Program threatens to dissolve.

CHIP still has not been funded, something Congress needs to solve.

They first took care of all the poor rich folks who fund campaigns.

Now, how about sick children?  Will the Congress soothe their pains?


A Song for the Winter Solstice (Tune: Adeste Fideles)


This year’s Winter Solstice is pretty much like last year,

With singing and drinking filling folks with good cheer.

Why does this happen periodically?


Because the Earth is tilted, to its plane of orbit,

The Earth’s axis is tilted…twenty three degrees.


The Earth’s solar orbit illuminates the North sky.

Then, six months later, it’s the South’s turn to fry.

It’s simply envisioned, gyroscopically.


Earth’s axis of rotation, while circling in its orbit

Maintains an inclination of twenty three degrees.


And, now in the Winter, there’s hardly any sunlight.

And, up North in Reykjavik, the whole day is night.

But daylight’s returning automatically.


Because the Earth is tilted, to its plane of orbit,

The Earth’s axis is tilted…twenty three degrees.


And so, while we’re drinking, it’s not to Jesus’ birthday

Or to the Maccabees, that we toast today.

No, it is simple, astronomically.


Because the Earth is tilted, (and the plants have wilted.)

The reason for the seasons:

Those twenty three degrees.