Donald at the Bat – Day 334

Day 334

The House Republicans just passed their tax cut for the rich.

Enough blue state Republicans, who could have, did not switch.

So now we’ll see if all the promises Trump made come true.

We’re pretty sure he’ll get his cut, but what of me and you?


So now it’s to the Senate, where it’s sure to pass as well.

It will be represented as a big gift for Noel.

Poor Donald said that he’d lose money. Sarah said so too.

And then stuck to the party line, that’s mostly, “whoop de doo!”


And, one more time, Ms. Sanders said that Donald’s tax returns

Can’t be released while under audit.  Who knows what he earns?

Are all his taxes for ten years still under audit now?

It’s doubtful, but Trump won’t release his taxes anyhow.


So, we may never know how much the Donald benefits.

Will corporations call this one of Donald’s greatest hits?

Will poorer folks see wage increases like the Donald said?

And, if they don’t, will “trickle down” claims finally be “dead?”


The Judiciary

We know  judicial nominations are embarrassing.

Some showed downright incompetence that was astonishing.

Were these just more examples of attention to detail

That’s missing in Trump’s White House: expertise, a fairytale.


But, lots of right wing judges have already been approved

And they’ll be there for life, as it is rare that they’re removed.

The President’s most lasting legacy may be the courts.

That’s even more than tax cuts, one of Donald’s favorite sports.


Song for the Last Night of Hanukkah (tune, Ma’Oz Tzur (1))

Hanukkah comes once a year

On a different December night.

If you’re not sure when, have no fear.

You get eight chances to get it right.

Here’s how to remember-

Eight nights in December.

Pretty close to Christmas Day,

But who’s counting, anyway?  But who’s counting, anyway?

Light the candles, sing along.

Praise the Maccabees anew.

Christmas has much better songs.

Later on, we’ll enjoy a few.

While the mood is pleasant.

Give the kids a present.

Just be sure to buy wholesale.

Only goyim pay retail.  Only goyim pay retail. (2)


  1. Ma’Oz Tzur, Hebrew for “Rock of Ages,” Jewish version
  2. goy, plural goyim, Hebrew for “nation,” used to mean “non-Jew.”  It is not derogatory.  See Isaiah, 2,4. “Nation shall not lift up sword against nation; neither shall they learn war anymore.”