Donald at the Bat – Day 333

Day 333

The current flap is Trump’s Transition emails Mueller got.

Trump charges that’s illegal; Mueller says that it is not.

When using servers, all belonging to the GSA,

The government then owns the emails.  Mueller wins the day.


Will Donald fire Bob Mueller?  He assures us that he won’t.

So everybody thinks he will, though history tells him: Don’t.

Trump’s lawyers wrote to Congress to stir up publicity,

A tactic emphasizing their email duplicity.


Duplicity, of course, is Donald’s operating style.

If Trump does something, it’s OK.  What others do, is vile.

Congressional right wingers sing with Trump in harmony.

Full throated, they will even sing a Russian melody.


So Donald’s lawyers wrote to Congress, knowing they would leak.

And, true to form, right wingers did.  The drumbeat starts to peak.

Trump’s lawyers did not go to court because they have no case.

They know that beating on their drum will stimulate Trump’s base.


So, if the law is on your side, then you pound on the law.

And, if the facts are on your side, then pound them down their craw.

If neither facts nor law support you, then where should you pound?

Well, pound the table, or pound sand, or pound upon the ground.


Now Donald’s lawyers choose to pound upon the sand and ground.

Fox News, of course, will pound along, for that, they are renowned.

Will yelling, pounding, throwing mud knock Mueller off his horse?

It’s doubtful; he knows how to ride, and how to stay on course.


This week we’ll have the tax cut bill and then the budget bill.

The tax cut bill will likely pass.  Trump is the rich man’s shill.

The budget for the government, a different question, though.

Republicans need Democrats, so bring some mistletoe.