Donald at the Bat – Day 332

Day 332

Does Trump’s refusal to accept our best Intelligence

Mean something negative about his own intelligence?

He absolutely won’t accept that Russia interfered

In our elections, what his critics (and supporters?) feared.


Is what the Donald isn’t doing frankly dangerous?

Not strengthening defenses against Russians, treacherous?

Refusing to admit the truth, casts doubts on Donald’s smarts?

Or makes you think that Putin has him by his private parts?


When Donald’s era ends, then will the damage that he’s done

Leave us so penetrated that it cannot be undone?

And will the internet all taste and smell like stroganoff,

And PCs function like they’re drunk on vodka from Smirnoff?


The shoe is on the other foot.  Trump’s bull is getting gored.

Bob Mueller has some Trump emails.  Where did he get this hoard?

It was OK when Russians stole the DNC emails

But when Bob gets Trump’s legally, oh, how the Trump team wails.

2018 Forecast

What are Trump’s plans for 2018?  He wants to campaign.

Since he found he can’t govern, he’ll go back to raising cain.

For Donald loves the smell of greasepaint, and roar of the crowd,

The spotlight, adulation, where he spouts, both loud and proud.


The truth is not a problem when Trump trashes “enemies.”

He says whatever comes to mind; applause seems to appease

The doubt that plagues his narcissism when reality,

However briefly, threatens to provoke anxiety.


What can Trump run on?  His tax cut.  They all think it will pass.

The side effects are yet to see.  We know the upper class

Will get most of the benefits.  Will these then “trickle down?”

They never have before.  So will that threaten Donald’s crown?


Will right wing candidates ask Trump to come to stump for them?

His brand has been quite tarnished, so what will they think of him?

The Democrats are energized.  Although the Dow is high

Most Trump supporters don’t own stock.  What Trump sells, will they buy?