Donald at the Bat – Day 331

Day 331

Trump feels the temperature around his office start to rise.

Bob Mueller doesn’t like it when Trump’s minions tell him lies.

He’s working with right wing supporters to stop Mueller cold.

But Mueller’s holding all the cards.  There’s no chance he will fold.


Will Donald take the risk of trying to tell Rosenstein

That he must fire Bob Mueller?  He knows that will cross a line.

A little recent history should help informing Trump.

When Nixon tried the same thing, Congress sent him to the dump.


Trump also is continuing to trash the FBI.

He says it is in “tatters” but to an unbiased eye,

The FBI is quite objective, governed by the law.

The same cannot be said of Trump, and that sticks in his craw.


And, even if Trump does not last, he will affect the law.

For his appointments to the bench—right wingers shout hurrah!

Though some have been withdrawn as completely unqualified,

Most are confirmed at record speed, as liberals’ brains are fried.


Trump’s Facility With English

The CDC now must avoid the term, “evidence-based.”

And, adding to the insult, also banned is, “science-based.”  

“Transgender,” “fetus,” “vulnerable,” and “diversity,”

“Entitlement,” all banned, which strains credulity.


What’s wrong with all these seven terms, not one four-letter word?

Decisions can’t be “science-based?”  How are diseases cured?

Should we rely on evidence or some nut’s fantasy?

Try prayer, not penicillin for strep throat and you will see.


In Russia, in the thirties, science was politicized.

A screwball named Lysenko formally hypothesized, (1)

Wheat seeds could be made hardier if treated in the cold.

The government said he was right; science was put on hold.


What Lysenko lacked was evidence.  Wheat crops didn’t grow.

Politicizing science caused starvation, we now know.

Now Trump wants to do that again, denying evidence,

A war against reality.  Is Donald Trump just dense?


Remember King Canute, who thought commands could stop the tide? (2)

Reports tell us the king got wet, the price, his royal pride.

We know that Trump likes to assert his own reality,

The price of egotistical “vulnerability.”


Does Trump think: do not use a term and that fact disappears?

That works inside the Donald’s head (and despots through the years.)

Does Trump think by avoiding words it helps him in his feuds?

Though one denies the evidence, reality intrudes.


  1. Trofim Lysenko, Russian “scientist,” 1898-1976
  2. King Canute, or Cnut, King of England, 1019-1035