Donald at the Bat – Day 328

Day 328

The Donald is now 0 for 2 in deep red Alabam’

He first backed Strange and then backed Moore but voters said, “Wham, bam…

“No thank you, man,” from women, young folks, moderates and blacks.

They voted for a Democrat, gave bigotry the axe.


So, whose fault was it?  Surely it was not the President.

Perhaps Steve Bannon.  No one likes him.  We know his intent

Is to replace all those in power in the GOP,

Electing guys like Trump and Moore, a scary recipe.


Today Trump tweeted he was right; he knew Moore couldn’t win.

For such a losing cause, Trump sure put a lot of effort in.

Trump quickly changed the subject to tout tax cuts for the rich,

Excuse me, for the middle class, at least that’s Donald’s pitch.


The rich folks say Trump has the Midas touch.  They get more gold.

For poor folks it’s the merda touch, the same shit, as of old.

The average guys who voted for the Donald are confused.

Although the Dow hits record highs, they still are feeling used.


And meanwhile, House Judiciary folks grilled Rosenstein.

If Mueller’s team is biased against Trump, that’s out of line.

Are there too many Democrats?  They surely can’t be fair.

Republicans say Rod should look at how they all got there.


They’d really like to fire Bob Mueller, shut his office down.

What Mueller’s finding means that Donald Trump might lose his crown.

For, after all, the point of politics is: stay in power.

But now the wine of victory has started turning sour.


If Trump sold out to Putin, our right wingers do not care.

For any fact that threatens their control cannot be fair.

So they went after Mueller but Rod Rosenstein stood fast.

He said that Mueller is quite fair.  Right wingers are aghast.


The Intelligence Committee of the Senate met today

And questioned Donald Junior for nine hours.  What did he say?

They told him to come back.  That means they’re still not satisfied

That they know all they need to know on Russia and who lied.


And Omarosa left today, resigned.   Or was she fired?

No one was too sure what she did or why Trump had her hired.

She is the nineteenth one to leave, just mostly rich folks left.

Diversity and competence?  There are more on the Left.