Donald at the Bat – Day 327

Day 327

Four Democratic Senators urged Donald Trump, “Resign!”

Three men and Kirsten Gillibrand, then Trump gave us a sign.

He cannot deal with women unafraid to take a stand.

The only one that he attacked was Kirsten Gillibrand.


You’d think that Bernie Sanders (socialist) was worth a tweet.

But Donald did not “feel the Bern,” and so he chose to beat

On New York’s junior Senator and with a sexist smear.

He said that she’d do “anything” for money, message clear.


Then Lizzie Warren tweeted in, for Trump provoked her ire.

She said Trump was “slut-shaming” and that clearly sparked a fire.

And, if it spreads like California’s, there’ll be ample fuel.

If Harris and Feinstein weigh in, they’re both nobody’s fool.


The women that Trump has provoked are highly competent.

And, I think it’s safe to say, they’re more intelligent

Than Donald, whom we all have heard, just doesn’t talk too “good.”

And doesn’t understand his office, which, by now, he should.


Can Trump afford to piss off all this female competence?

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” makes lots of sense. (1)

Will thousands join with “Pocahontas” and with Gillibrand?

Is Trump at Little Bighorn and might this be his Last Stand? (2)


Now back to Alabama to face national disgrace.

Could Medieval Christianity win in this race?

Examine what Roy Moore believes: for such rusticity

Might justify attacking heliocentricity.


In Sarah Sander’s conference, defending Trump’s last tweet,

She claimed his tweet was on corruption, which Trump would defeat.

There is no sexual innuendo in what Donald said.

Nobody in the room believed her, mistrust more widespread.


Then Sarah said that Gillibrand is just beholden to

Contributors to her campaigns, a mental lightweight, too.

Your mind is in the gutter, if you think that Trump implied

That Gillibrand trades sex for money.  Sarah’s stupefied.


The Boiling Samovar

So now Trump’s in a two front war, with Russians and with sex.

Which one of these will bring him down?  His problems are complex.

Colluding with the Russians, grabbing pussy, copping feels,

If Donald loses either one, it’s back to golf course deals.


We’ll have to see if right wing treachery shoves Mueller out.

For, part of war is sabotage.  There’s never one without.

Bob’s case for Trump’s collusion is now coming to a head.

Right wingers have to stop that man, or Donald might be dead.


Gravestone in Boot Hill Cemetery, Dodge City, Kansas

Here lies Lester Moore,

Four slugs from a .44.

No Les, no more.


The Alabamians avoided national disgrace.

The college-educated parents slapped Moore in the face.

‘Twas city versus country, educated versus not.

The Donald and Steve Bannon lost when they backed moral rot.


Republicans in Roy Moore’s trap, are chewing off their legs.

They’re eating all their babies; Democrats are tapping kegs.

The RNC equivocated on their pedophile.

And Jesus, who was sick at heart, was seen by some to smile.


December 12th this year, the first of Hanukkah’s eight nights,

An eight day celebration, a true Festival of Lights,

The Temple was rededicated.  False gods were thrown down.

Was Dixie’s bogus “man of God” just ridden out of town?


  1. Paraphrased from “The Mourning Bride,” by William Congreve, 1697
  2. On June 25, 1876, Lt. Col. George Custer and five companies of the 7th Cavalry were wiped out by a force of Lakota, Cheyenne, and Arapaho that he had completely underestimated.