Donald at the Bat – Day 326

Day 326

This morning, of all people, Megyn Kelly, former fox,

Who fit in with Conservatives like cream cheese goes with lox,

Is interviewing Trump’s gropees and giving them free rein

To tell their stories and inflict some anti groping pain.


For Trump is the drum major of the gropers band parade.

All continents, for centuries, the gropers band has played.

But Kelly’s heard their off-key notes and thinks she’s heard enough,

So, she’ll show Trump and Weinstein that “a woman can be tough.” (1)


The gropers band has liked to play the old swing music style.

That’s not seductive if you have the gout and are senile.

So now they’ll have to learn to play the music women like,

A brand new repertoire, before they step up to the mike.


But Donald Trump denies it all, his usual strategy.

He bragged he did it, then denied it, Trump-style liturgy.

And, after all, he won, so says the White House press release,

“It was a famous victory.” (2)  The voters gave surcease.


When Trump stands up for Judge Roy Moore, sap drips on both of them.

Their odor and their efflorescence come from the same stem.

Ironically, if Roy Moore wins, Trump might not get his vote

Since Trump is not a man of God, perhaps he should be smote.


Then Kirsten Gillibrand and others said Trump should resign

And Sarah Sanders started dancing, hoping to confine

The questions of the Press to other subjects, anything.

But they would not let up on her and made her dance and sing.


The problem is: no one who writes takes Donald at his word.

(Fox News, Breitbart, excepted, but their views are just absurd.)

Psychologists know dissonance can’t be maintained for long,

Before the psyche cracks and you admit you have been wrong.


And Sarah Sanders showed today, the pressure’s getting high

Her tone of voice suggested that, although she would deny,

The multiple accounts by women who say Trump harassed,

She knows that they weren’t lying; her evasions were half-assed.


A bomber bent on suicide, thank God, incompetent,

Just fizzled in New York today, so only five were sent

To hospital with minor wounds, the bomber there as well.

Six dozen virgins have to wait while cops put him through hell.


First, he’s from Pakistan and that is not on Donald’s list

Of Muslim countries he’d exclude, so now will he insist

The list includes all Muslims, as he said in the campaign?

But that’s unconstitutional; that much is surely plain.


And, how about mass murderers: Las Vegas, Texas town?

No gun control, each year some thirty thousand are brought down.

Good old Americans beat Muslim killers every year.

So, ask yourselves, just whom is it more rational to fear?


The Samovar Is Boiling

Bob Mueller is comparing White House tales about Mike Flynn.

Did Trump know Flynn lied to the FBI?  Who told Trump?  When?

Trump tweeted that he knew Flynn lied, then John Dowd took the fall.

But Donald, Sanders, Dowd: can we trust anyone at all?


Or, if Trump was in charge, did he instruct Mike Flynn to lie?

The subject of Flynn’s lies banal: if that is so, then why?

What scandal hidden deeper?  That’s Mueller’s job to find.

If Flynn’s cooperating, that gold ore’s already mined.


Your Tax Dollars At Work

A story in the New York Times on how Trump spends his day,

With sixty sources interviewed, here’s what they have to say.

He shows up nine, nine thirty, watches TV all day long.

But, read and study complex issues?  No, that story’s wrong.


  1. From “A Piece of My Heart,” Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company.  I heard her sing it at Winterland in San Francisco in 1968.
  2. From “After Blenheim,” by Robert Southey, 1796