Donald at the Bat – Day 325

Day 325

The Alabama Senate race is quickly winding down.

If Roy Moore wins, was it a way to keep him out of town?

Let teen aged girls hang out in peace when they go to the mall?

And concentrate in class, no fear that Moore gives them a call?


Perhaps the Alabamians are smarter than we think,

Though listening to interviews can make your spirits sink.

For some deny what Roy Moore did while some say it’s OK,

Because he asked their mothers first, as men did in the day.


He didn’t or he did and if he did, then it’s all right.

It’s no damn liberal’s business what Roy used to do at night.

We’ll send him up to Washington, to take our values there,

To join our favorite pussy grabber.  Won’t they make a pair?


So Donald Trump has pushed all in, supporting Judge Roy Moore.

That’s how he wants to play this hand, self-centered to the core.

Trump “needs this seat” for his agenda.  It must stay right wing.

So Donald doesn’t give a damn who Roy’s been ravishing.


The problem for Republicans is: should they want to win?

Supporting Roy moore’s words and deeds—could they find themselves in

A situation, if they lose, an outcome they don’t want

But, if they win, Moore’s evil ghost forever more will haunt?