Donald at the Bat – Day 324

Day 324

The Congress needed two more weeks to pass a budget bill

So Trump signed an extension.  We shall now see if they will.

The major differences remain: both DACA and The Wall.

The DACA kids are brown.  Trump’s wall wastes money.  That is all.


Two major subjects occupy the punditocracy:

Jerusalem and Judge Roy Moore.  In short, Democracy.

The capital of Israel, two states or only one?

Should scoundrels be elected?  Alabama’s favorite son?


The capital of Israel has been Jerusalem.

Though other nations may object, should Israel ask them?

The Palestinians all hate the thought of Israel.

And Muslim armies tried and tried to blow the Jews to hell.


But Israel won and expanded.  That’s a risk of war.

For, if you lose, then in the “peace,” the victors will get more.

To illustrate, look what we did to all our native tribes.

We stole their lands, all justified by racist diatribes.


Now Israel cannot absorb the Palestinians.

Jews fear if those who hate them would  become full citizens,

As Muslim population swells, then a theocracy,

Not Jewish but Islamic, would replace democracy.


Mahmoud Abbas is in the twelfth year of his four year term. (1)

That’s evidence that it’s unlikely Abbas would affirm

Agreements made if he’s elected to lead a new state.

It’s that view of democracy that makes Jews hesitate.


So, we can see democracy is tenuous at best

In any Muslim country, not like we have in the “west.”

Some citizens of Israel are Arabs: one in five.

Although, if they were three in five, would Israel survive?


The Palestinians are getting screwed; they live in hell.

Their Muslim “brothers” won’t take them.  In contrast, Israel

Has been a home for every Jew whose lands were dispossessed

By countries that hate Jews.  What does this difference suggest?

Sweet Home Alabama

While here at home, we have Roy Moore, who’s shaming all of us.

A boil on Alabama’s ass, a lesion filled with pus.

His character, despicable, and yet he still might win.

Who votes and whom they might elect, the pickle we’re all in.


Conservative analysis (except Fox Company:)

Republican support for Moore, though not a felony,

Is simply indefensible; their morals have collapsed.

Assuming that they ever had them, this time they have lapsed.


  1. Mahmoud Abbas, or Abu Mazin, the President of the Palestinian Authority, in charge of the West Bank.  A worthy successor of Yasser Arafat.