Donald at the Bat – Day 323

Day 323

The gropers are resigning, like John Conyers, Franken, Franks.

Time tells us it’s the “Me Too” movement to whom we owe thanks.

Time made them Persons of the Year, with Trump in second place.

Trump took this as an insult, like he’d been slapped in the face.


He says they’d be nobodies if he hadn’t groped them first.

He has a taste for women like the Germans for Bratwurst.

He’s rich and he’s entitled and Roy Moore’s entitled too.

Why did God make so many girls, if not to grope and screw?


Today Trump flies to Florida, to Pensacola, near

The Alabama border, but does not go there to cheer

For Roy Moore, though supporters may just take a little drive

Across the border where they’ll see and hear the Donald, live.


With tax cuts for the rich near done, it’s time to move along.

Supporters will hear Trump change tunes and sing a brand new song.

For deficits are looming, we’ll soon have to deal with that.

If you don’t understand that, you must be a Democrat.


Paul Ryan says, “Cut social programs.” We know he will try.

Trump promised he would not.  “Hush, little baby, don’t you cry.” (1)

He will.  He won’t.  He will.  He won’t.  Will Donald keep his word?

He kept his word to Israel.  Will he flip us the bird?


Republicans Don’t Like Stroganoff

The Mueller probe is closing in.  Republicans attack.

Not Russia but Bob Mueller.  Will they stab him in the back?

They’re charging he is biased.  They can see he’s getting close:

Collusion and obstruction, they are frantic, bellicose.


The facts are not important.  What’s important?  Stay on top.

It’s Hillary who’s crooked and it’s her neck Bob should chop.

Republicans disgrace themselves.  They concentrate on her.

If Bob says, “No, Trump is the crook,” they’ll shoot the messenger.


The Russians offered Trump emails they hacked on WikiLeaks.

Is this the kind of “smoking gun” that Robert Mueller seeks?

As more and more emails come out, not Clinton’s—-Junior Trump’s,

It’s looking more and more like Donald’s heading for the dumps.


Must we continue arguing: did Putin’s folks collude

With folks in Donald Trump’s campaign?  That fact is standing nude.

The question is: did they commit some crimes while doing so?

I’ll bet that Robert Mueller knows.  How soon will we all know?


Hope Hicks has spent the last two days with Robert Mueller’s team.

Director of Communications, Hope sailed the mainstream.

She’s seen the fish and snakes and logs and bodies floating by.

Is loyalty to Trump so strong that she would tell a lie?


  1. From “All My Trials,” sung by Joan Baez, 1960.  Originally a Bahamian lullaby, it has been recorded by many artists.